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John R. Leonetti is getting behind the camera for "Annabelle" A spinoff-prequel to James Wan’s "The Conjuring". John R. Leonetti was Director of Photography on "The Conjuring", so even though Wan won't be returning it's nice to see that this film will be directed by a member of the original team. Don't worry though "Annabelle" is not a direct sequel to Wan's hit film and there will be a "Conjuring 2".

Pending schedule, the movie will begin filming in Spring of 2014. New Line/Warner Bros. is also co-developing "The Conjuring 2" simultaneously with the Hayes brothers (writers of the original) penning second chapter. Plot details for "The Conjuring 2" are as follows, so far. Writers Carey and Chad Hayes are looking at one of the Warrens cases that occurred in the late ’70s and centers on two sisters in Enfield, England, who were allegedly possessed. Warren said she personally saw them levitate and even saw one of the sister dematerialize in front of her only to be found 20 minutes later stuffed into an oversized fuse box, contorted in such an unnatural way that they couldn’t have replicated it if they tried. She also said that the demon spoke directly to her husband on many occasions. Warren cited this case as one of the most terrifying experiences of her career. There are also whispers that the Warrens maybe heading to Amityville in a third installment to the franchise.The studio (obviously) wants James Wan back for the sequel. Apparently though the studio has told Wan that they’ll move on without him. Wan is currently getting ready to shoot Fast & Furious 7. So my horror fan friends which are you more excited for, "The Conjuring 2", or its prequel, "Annabelle"?


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