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A Voice For The Die Hard Horror Fans Out There
Jay Dee

I admit it, I love the cannibal exploitation flicks of the Seventies. This film however does not fit into that genre or any other genre for that matter. I remember watching the Mexican version of this film a few years ago and as much as I'd love to be pretentious and tell you how much better the original foreign language film was, I really can't. The exception to the rule my movie fan friends. This film was far superior to the even slower moving foreign original. Yes, the first forty minutes are agonizingly slow but, sometimes that's OK as long as the performances are engaging.

Special mention to film legend Michael Parks who adds credibility to a largely unknown cast. Even with the first half of the film being horribly slow moving there is a fascinating story building in the silence and the melancholy rain that bears down relentlessly. Plus, this film has one of my all time favorite endings. As for my love of the cannibal exploitation genre, guess I'll keep waiting for Eli Roth's "Green Inferno" to feed that monster. I think it's still coming out sometime this decade. I give this film 7/10 and recommend to all off-beat horror fans. Happy viewing my horror fan friends, and by all means please let me know what you thought of this indie gem.


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