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Jay Dee

To be honest I sat down to watch this film about a week ago, and have been trying to decide if I liked it or not ever since. Finally, I realized the problem. I really didn't like the film at all, but the whole time I was watching it I could see all the reasons why someone else would. All Hallows Eve is best described as a horror anthology that is somewhat derivative of VHS. The problem with that is some of the footage in Damien Leone's All Hallows Eve was shot as far back as 2004. The movie starts out with a babysitter (Katie Maguire) and the two kids. (Sydney Freihofer and Cole Mathewson) After returning home from trick 'r treating they discover an unlabeled video tape has been treated to one of the kids. After some pleading from the kids the reluctant babysitter allows them to view the first part of the spooky tape. That's where the film begins and ends as an idea. There are three fairly basic horror stories on the tape and each one of them ties in somehow with a very disturbing clown who pops up occasionally to have a laugh or two.

The individual stories are a little less than well thought out and really seem to exist only to fill the required criteria of an anthology treatment. The acting is sub-par and annoying, this is especially true in the performances given by the kids in the wrap-around story. All Hallows Eve is a decent attempt that never really gets going in the right direction. That being said, it does deliver in the gore department, and every time that damn clown pops up the movie does seem genuinely creepy. I give this movie 5/10 and recommend it to true fans of B horror films, especially those who don't get hung up on things like production value. I can see some enjoying it far more than others. What's your opinion of this Halloween movie? Trick or Treat.


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