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I'm one of those people that didn't like, or hate the Carrie remake. It's very rare for a remake to actually surpass the original. They should be remaking films that not many people have heard of before, not classics that everybody knows. That's one problem I had with this remake, it didn't show us anything new or different. The performances from Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore were great, but not as much as Sissy Spacek's or Piper Laurie's performances in the Brian De Palma version. To sum it up, this remake was kind of pointless. But there is one Stephen King movie that REALLY should've gotten a remake. It's Silver Bullet based on the Stephen King novel, "The Cycle of the Werewolf".

Here are my three, simple reasons, why it should get remade.

1) This Could Re-Invent The Werewolf Genre

I"ll admit, there really hasn't been any good Werewolf movies lately. Twilight series, I'm talking to you. But if they show us something new and interesting with this movie, this might actually work. Also, not many people remember this movie, so its not like Carrie which has basically become a cult classic in the horror genre.

2) The Special Effects Were Actually Pretty Lame

I'm not exactly sure what to think of the werewolf in this movie, it looks like a cross between an ape and a bear. Mostly a bear. But anyways, one thing I don't like about modern horror remakes, is that they think that just because we have better special effects, it means the movie has to get remade. Some of those movies that got redone, had AMAZING effects, and shouldn't have been tampered with. But this film could actually benefit from today's effects. I know, I know, this was in the 80s, and a lot of movies back then had cheesy special effects. Think about it though, this film was released in 1985, four years after An American Werewolf In London took home an Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyling. Here's a werewolf transformation from Silver Bullet. WARNING: There might be major spoilers.


Now compare that to the gruesome, and bone-chilling transformation from An American Werewolf In London.



3) Its More Funny Than Scary.

If anything, its ridiculous. There's more humor in it than horror. I want to see more scary stuff in a Silver Bullet remake, but at the same time, I want to see at least a little bit of comedy. I don't want another boring and depressing horror flick. That's why I think Sam Raimi should direct this, he does a good job of mixing comedy and horror together.

I think I did a pretty good job of explaining my reasons, don't you you agree?

Would you want to see a remake of this film? Let me know on my Twitter page.If you don't have a Twitter, just let me know in the comments below. Until then, I'll see you all later.

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