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Keith Turner

Hey Guys, check out my New Poster!

There's Thor, Bruce, Cap, Tony, Widow, and Hawkeye. Those are the top 5 members that everybody knows and is familiar with. I know there are new members in the movie but I didn't wanna over populate the poster. So that's why I added them as silhouettes down below. You see Scarlett Witch, Quick Silver, and Falcon at the bottom so the whole team is there(: Sorry No Nick Fury lol and you see I created my own Ultron (i know it sucks be kind) I used the Iron man Mark 4 suit and made him silver and shinny plus changing the helmet to look like Ultrons face from the Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser. Not my best but I hope ya'll like it(: Give me helpful feedback to make it more awesome maybe? No Hate!

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