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Andrew Pollard

SchmoesKnow is reporting that the creepy Annabelle doll from James Wan’s The Conjuring is to get her own spin-off film.

In terms of plot, all that is known at this point is that it will be a prequel of sorts, designed to reveal how the doll ended up in the spooky ‘museum’ of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Having worked on the crew of The Conjuring, John Leonnetti is set to direct, with a mid 2014 production being targeted.

Wan’s original film is also getting a straight-up sequel in the form of The Conjuring 2, which is currently being scripted by the first film’s Chad and Carey Hayes. With Wan now too busy making silly car movies to direct any further horror films, it'll be interested to see who lands this gig.

Expect more on both of these films as it becomes available.


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