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Whilst I’m still trying to calm myself after the news that the Man of Steel sequel will be giving us a Dick Grayson, Superhero Movie News is now reporting on two more names in the frame for that of the original Boy Wonder. Initially, Lincoln‘s Adam Driver was the only name being bandied about, but it’s now claimed that Gossip Girls‘ Penn Badgley and We Need To Talk About Kevin‘s Ezra Miller are also in the running.Personally, I think that both of these new choices could definitely pull off the Dick Grayson look. If it was down to me, though, I’d be giving Wes Bentley a call.

For those unaware, in the ever-great comic book world, Dick Grayson becomes the first Robin, sidekick to Batman, ward to Bruce Wayne. As Dick gets older, he wants to become his own man, his own hero, and not just a sidekick. So, donning some new duds, our hero heads off to Bludhaven and becomes Nightwing. Initially wearing a suit that was based on his family’s circus outfits, Nightwing changed things up and went all dark and brooding with some nice black/blue costume, looking rather badass in the process. The outfit’s been changed a few times over the years but, regardless, Nightwing is just a fantastic character. One of my personal favourites in the comic book world, it was one of the very few characters that I thought we would never, ever, ever, ever see on the big screen. The main issue is, to get to Nightwing, you have to go through years of Dick being Robin. That means a lot of films and a lot of cinematic time. With Batman vs Superman‘s Batman said to have been prowling the streets of Gotham for years, this works as a nice way around the problem of Dick becoming Nightwing. It’s also worth noting, at several points in time, Dick also took on the mantle of Batman in Bruce’s absence.

In terms of Batman vs Superman, it’s being reported that the film will allude to the now-adult Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne having fallen out – as is the case several times in the comics. Dick will appear to assist Batman at a certain point in the movie, where it’s believed he will be as his Nightwing persona.

At present, Batman vs Superman is looking at a 17th July, 2015 release.


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