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"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
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Who you ask? Dear Boy, Keith Moon (also known as "Moon the Loon") is considered the greatest drummer ever in Rock and Roll. Cited as their inspiration by Neil Peart, Dave Grohl, and The Jam, it's even said he was the inspiration for Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhems drummer "Animal".

It is said that he was the guy who came up with the name 'Led Zeppelin". It was his drumming that distinguished The Who from the countless other bands that followed the Beatles in "The British Invasion" of the 1960's. If you've heard about rock stars tearing apart thier hotel rooms and throwing TV's out of thier windows. They learned that from him.


It's not the best vid but it's based on him with him

If you've watched CSI you've heard him play. Although I can't imagine anyone not knowing about The Who or their music. At least I think everyone should know about this man.

Now according to Variety A biopic on Keith Moon, iconic drummer for The Who, has received a boost via a development-financing deal between Exclusive Media and Da Vinci Media Ventures, led by Toby Moores and Wendy Rutland. The Who’s Roger Daltrey and Exclusive Media’s Chairman and CEO Nigel Sinclair have been longtime collaborators on the Moon project. Da Vinci’s Wendy Rutland will be an exec producer.Daltrey said of the venture-

“The Keith Moon project is one close to my heart so I am excited to reinvigorate it and grateful to Wendy, Toby and Da Vinci for their enthusiastic support.”

Moon's hardcore drinking and drugging were off the charts he said in an interview when asked about his daily routine -

“I always get up about six in the morning. I have my bangers and eggs. And I drink a bottle of Dom Perignon and half a bottle of brandy. Then I take a couple of downers. Then it’s about 10 and I’ll have a nice nap until five. I get up, have a couple of black beauties [also known as Black Birds or Black Bombers and are a combination of Amphetamine (Speed) and Dextroamphetamine], some brandy, a little champagne and go out on the town. Then we boogie. We’ll wrap it up about four”.

The man is said to have had a constant need for attention. He was always the life of the party. Him and bassist John Entwhistle loved blowing up hotel toilets together. In fact he probably cost the band about a half a million dollars in repair bills, getting them banned from many hotels.

"When you've got money and you do the kind of things I get up to, people laugh and say that you're eccentric, which is a polite way of saying you're fucking mad." Keith Moon

He was a showman too although some felt his antics sometimes went too far. On the Smothers Brothers TV show he bribed a stage hand to put gunpowder in his drum set. Of course he put in too much and the explosion singed Pete Townsend's hair and according to Townsend Hearing damage. It also caused a cymbal to cut Moon's arm.


There are many, many stories of his antics and excesses but I really want to get to know the man behind those stories. What drove his need for attention? He is said to have been devastated by accidentally killing his friend, driver and bodyguard. And the loss of his family most likely due to those excesses. By all accounts he was one of the nicest guys you'd want to know when he was sober.

Close friends with the Beatles and Ringo Starr it was "Uncle Keith" that supposedly taught Ringo's son Zack how to play drums.


There's another strange thing about Keith Moon, he died at 32 the same age AND in the same place (four years later) as another music icon of the 60's - Mama Cass Elliot. In a London flat owned by another Singer, songwriter Harry Nilsson (They were renting from him.)

He reportedly was trying to sober up and been mistakenly been prescribed the drug Heminevrin to help him during withdrawal. His last reported word were to his wife when she complained about cooking him some steak were

"If you don't like it, you can f*** off!"

Purported last photo of Moon & Annette Walter-Lax

He ate the steak watched the movie "The Abominable Dr. Phibes" had some of those pills, took a nap and never woke up.

Tragic and sad but he lived life on the edge and became a rock legend. Hopefuly this movie will seperate some of this legend from the truth like a good bio pic should do. I didn't know the man but would like to have. I agree with what Ozzy Osbourne said when learning of Keiths death,

"God bless his beautiful heart, People will be talking about Keith Moon 'til they die, man. Someone somewhere will say, 'Remember Keith Moon?' Who will remember Joe Bloggs who got killed in a car crash? No one. He's dead, so what? He didn't do anything to talk of."
The Who



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