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I will list below video games that should be made into live-action, anime or cgi based movies (some movies I will not list actors and just show pictures or videos of the game.) LETS DO THIS!

1. Left 4 Dead: (Live-Action) I enjoy killing in a world where the infected want to killed you and it's always good to have a cranky ex-Vietnam Army Special Forces old man named Bill, Francis the tattooed MC member of the Hell's Legion, the upbeat and positive IT business man Louis, and little happy college freshmen Zoey. Ahh, can you smell the scent of decaying flesh? (smiles.)

Bill/Nick Nolte:

Francis/Kevin Durand:

Louis/Don Cheadle:

Zoey/Ellen Page:

2. Halo: (Live-Action or CGI) Just saving the world with my awesome high-tech suit! Call me Master Chief, BRO!

Master Chief/ Steve Downes (do the voice acting and have a stuntman in the suit):

3. Alan Wake: (Live-Action) The story follows bestselling thriller novelist Alan Wake, as he tries to uncover the mystery behind his wife's disappearance during a vacation in the small fictional town of Bright Falls, Washington, all while experiencing events from the plot in his latest novel, which he cannot remember writing, coming to life. Thanks Wikipedia you're the best (winks!) I love technology, any-who this is a great storyline and I love the game, the movie can be great, if done right while creating serious amounts of suspense!

Alan Wake/Mark Ruffalo:

4. Gears of War: (Live-Action).....What? They kill monsters called Locust, with these chainsawed bayonet assault rifles called Lancers! DUDE! I WANT ONE FOR CHRISTMAS! PEW-PEW!

Marcus Fenix/Dave Batista:

Damon Baird/Chris Evans:

Augustus Cole (Cole Train)/Ving Rhames (He's what! He has tons of charisma.):

Dominic Santiago (Dom)/Adam Rodriguez:

5. The Legend of Zelda: (Live-Action) In this title, Link looks like a girly-badass! He's roughly 17 or 18, hell I'll say 19 or 20 years-old! It's a fun game and it would make a fun adventure movie! This is my fan-cast so for me personally I would rather have an older actor who looks masculine but still looks younger then his natural age. Zelda would be young with mature facial features, example would be actress Saoirse Ronan as my Zelda. But! I'm only posting my actor for Link!

Link/Steven Strait:

6. Prototype 1 & 2: (Live-Action or Cartoon/Anime) To sum it all up, imagine yourself to shape-shift your hands into weapons, glide in the air, super-strength, super-speed, more shapeshifting and yeah, just watch this video...overall I think this would make a great live-action or cartoon/anime movie! If live-action just pick unknown actors for the role and save the money up for the special effects, plus with a movie like this you can make a fantastic franchise!



7. Uncharted: (Live-Action) Nope! I refuse to have Bradley Cooper playing as Nathan Drake. If i'm casting actors for a movie like this, then I would play it save with my money for an actor and use the rest of the money to film in great locations and have top-notched stuntmen, of course a good writing team. If you don't know anything about the character Nathan Drake or the video game Uncharted then imagine Tomb Raider's Lara Croft as a dude, named Nathan Drake and the game is called Uncharted. I want a young male actor who has the looks but looks badass at the same time and Bradley doesn't yell Nathan Drake.

Nathan Drake/Tyler Hoechlin:

8. The Last of Us: (Live-Action) Who doesn't love a post-apocalyptic United States?! In the year 2033 we follow two awesome characters, Joel and Ellie, on their action-adventure, horror journey of epic ass kicking! It's a great story and I think the audience will be touched by some great acting. I really want to include Ellen Page but I would rather give younger actresses a chance.

Joel/Joe Manganiello:

Ellie/Abigail Breslin or Quvenzhané Wallis:

9. The Walking Dead (Telltale Game Series): (Live-Action) If you're a fan of The Walking Dead TV series then I highly advise you to play this game! The story keeps you on the edge of your seat and so many surprises! I won't pick actors for all the characters, only Lee and Clementine. All the characters are interesting some are annoying, funny, loving, caring, and downright stupid. This video game to movie will make a box office hit with the right screenwriters and director.

Lee/Chiwetel Ejiofor:

Clementine/Yara Shahid:

10. Dead Island (Riptide): (Live-Action) Stranded on an island with zombies, yeah I'm sold.


11. Payday 2: (Live-Action) A bank robbery movie with....wait for it.....bulletproof....CLOWN MASKS! I really love this game. Must Watch Video (make sure you have a Youtube account.)


12. DreadOut: (Live-Action, anime or CGI) A senior high-school student named Linda goes wandering around in a mansion on her vacation, in this Indonesian horror game full of ghosts and demons! In order to keep the bad monsters away, you the player must use your cell phone to take pictures of the ghosts and demons so they can't harm you. With a story like this it combines modern day technology and good ole Indonesian horror! I would love to see an Asian, Indonesian or Indonesian-American cast in this movie and with the right team on this movie, you have hit! I honestly have no casting choices because I want to be surprised by unknown talent! Or make the movie Fatal Frame 2, both video games have the same concept and both are pretty scary yet entertaining!



13. Bioshock: (Live-Action) Bioshock the movie.....enough said. Only actor I'm choosing is Leonardo DiCaprio as the main protagonist, Jack.

Jack/Leonardo DiCaprio:

14 Mass Effect: (Live-Action or CGI) Hollywood what is taking you so long! A commander that saves the galaxy and scene.

Commander Shepard/Anthony Starr:

15. Call of Duty (any game): (Live-Action) Over-climatic Michael Bay action and explosions with fictional military characters, yup that sums it all up. To be honest get some former military men in the movies because the video game characters were cheesy, so I'm not expecting over the top acting skills, give me some action and a decent plot.


16. Mega Man: (Live-Action/Rated R) Mega Man is a badass android called Rock. There isn't a lot of depth into his storyline but with a great director this movie can be very entertaining to watch (Robocop x10.) Personally for me, lets be risky with this movie and make it rated R, action-pack, dramatic storyline and awesome special effects!

I want Mega Man to look like this:

This should be his theme song in the movie:


17. Dead Rising: (Live-Action) I love killing zombies with a chainsaw motorcycle gun?! That's's real in the world of Dead Rising. This has a lot of potential to be a fun popcorn film, I wouldn't mind seeing Johnny Knoxville as the main character, killing zombies like a BOSS!

18. God of War: (Live-Action) Kratos the Spartan, betrayed by his gods, he will have his vengeance! I won't choose Vin Diesel but this actor has the size, voice, martial artist, good actor and he would still look badass when bald!

Kratos/Jason Momoa:

19. Red Dead Redemption: (Live-Action) Listen people...WE NEED MORE WESTERNS! Great soundtrack, narratives, characters, scenery, and guns! Yes, guns!

John Marston/Brad Pitt:

Jack Marston/Emile Hirsch:

20. Metroid: (Live-Action) As long as Samus Aran is a badass and we see a good movie! Any actress that's fit (athletic) and she's tough, not a pretty girl trying to look tough.

21. Portal (cgi or possibly live-action): Self explanatory (sighs) why did I pick this game?


22. Condemned (Criminal Origins): (Live-Action) A very messed up psychological horror game and this sums it all up why it should be made into a movie.


23. Warcraft: (Live-Action) This movie is already being made, starring Colin Farrell and Paula Patton. The epic war between humans and orcs! Very hyped about this movie and once it's made they will continue a great video game to movie franchise!

Colin Farrell:

Paula Patton:

24. Amnesia (The Dark Descent) or Outlast: (Live-Action) Ouch! I hit my head and now I barely remember anything but I'm stuck in this creepy mansion! Or we can be stuck in a creepy asylum with killer patients, while recording the whole event with a camera. Both sound tempting....I'll go with both video games becoming movies! I don't know why but I want James Franco in one of these movies!

Shut every door behind you:




25. Kane & Lynch (Dead Men): (Live-Action) Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a violent and chaotic journey of two men - a flawed mercenary and a medicated psychopath – and their brutal attitude towards right and wrong. Now, they must partner up as a mess of cash makes for hell on Earth in this co-op action game.

Sounds badass! Huge fan of the games and I love the characters, Kane is a former mercenary that gets double crossed and his daughter gets kidnapped. Lynch, he's a sociopath/psychopath with a funky mullet. No Gerard or Vin, I don't see either actors being that gritty and actually having the looks. I would rather have famous actors that are still no names to some people and they've played gritty characters before, oh yeah, they will also look the part! My choices are..

Kane/Liev Schreiber:

Lynch/Peter Stormare:

26. Tomb Raider: (Live-Action) I won't explain, here are my actresses..

Older Lara/Rhona Mitra (Age: 37)

Younger Lara/Anna Popplewell (Age: 24)

27. Assassin's Creed: (Live-Action) Movie is being made starring Michael Fassbender, please make us proud Fassbender!

28. Metal Gear Solid: (Live-Action) If I hide in a box you can't see me. I will not use Hugh Jackman or Christian Bale as Snake.

Solid Snake/Joel Edgerton:

29. Splinter Cell: (Live-Action) Hands down George Clooney for an older Sam Fisher. George is a great actor and this role is perfect for him! Watch The American, George plays a cold face mercenary and it's a beautiful looking movie. I really enjoyed it and I liked the fact it showed George looking like a badass, not a comedic badass.

Sam Fisher/George Clooney (The American picture):

30. Devil May Cry: (Live-Action) I actually want the readers to decide who should play these characters. Great game though.

31. Grand Theft Auto (San Andreas and Vice City): (Live-Action) I have so many ideas! If Vine City is made then use the voice actors and San Andreas, I say use underground and popular rappers as some of the characters. Over all this will be a great movie!

32. Slender (The Arrival): (Live-Action or CGI) Imagine eight pages x10 and you have Jeff The Killer in it too!


33. Army Of Two: (Live-Action or CGI)


34. Shadow of the Colossus: (Live-Action, anime, or CGI)

35. Castlevania: (Live-Action or anime) It's Castlevania!

36. Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon: (Live-Action) Do I really need to explain for both games? Also PLEASE USE MICHAEL MANDO AKA VAAS (hands down in the top 5 villains ever.) Blood Dragon is a hilarious, cheesy 80's version of Far Cry 3. I would love to see that video game made into a cartoon show or anime movie.


37. Bully (Scholarship Edition): (Live-Action) Trust me if you haven't played the PS2 or Xbox 360 version of this game then you! Fun missions and characters it's my favorite video game, the simplicity of the game is just beautiful.

38. Spartan Total Warrior: Another classic of the PS2 and probably my second favorite video game. Take the movie 300 x20 and add Gladiator, you have an epic movie with a great soundtrack from the video game!


39. Midnight Club: (Live-Action) Because I said so..

40. Turok: (Live-Action) I really want Jurassic World to be like this, see how the world would look like once the vegetation took over major cities and dinosaurs were roaming around the world, barely humans and this one badass! Wow, i've been saying "badass" a lot, that's badass!

Turok/Tom Hardy (mohawk):

41. EndWar: (Live-Action) A blockbuster war movie that will leave you in awe.


42. Rainbow Six Vegas: (Live-Action) I'm just a fan of Tom Clancy's work (RIP) but the Rainbow Six games are great! I have no doubt that this would make a great movie.


43. Ghost Recon: (Live-Action) Of course this will be a movie! I would like to see actor Taylor Kitsch as a Ghost.

44. Sleeping Dogs: (Live Action) Why not? I honestly can't fan cast this, so many good actors I could choose from. In the comments below you pick!


45. Skyrim: (Live-Action) Listen to this and tell me this doesn't pump you up!


46. Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus: (Anime or CGI...maybe TV Show?) THIS MUST BE MADE! Actually Bully and this game are my number 1 favorite games!

47. Ninja Gaiden: (Live-Action) We need this in our life..

48. Asura's Wrath: (Live-Action Franchise or Anime) Watch video (best to watch it when you have free time, but it's very epic!)


49. Batman (Arkham Asylum): (DC Comics Animated Movie) We all know why..

50. Metro 2033: (Live Action) This story is very suspenseful with a lot of action. I want Viggo Mortensen to play the lead character trying to survive in this post-apocalyptic Russia, with mutant-demonic creatures.



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