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With Thor: The Dark World released in most markets over this last weekend, the numbers are starting to appear – and they’re rather impressive.

At the US box office, the sequel took $86.1 million over its opening weekend, with $31.6 million taken on its official opening night. To put that into perspective, the opening weekend figures are 31% more than the opening of 2011′s Thor. One thing that could hinder The Dark World is the approaching release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in a couple of weeks.

In terms of the overseas markets, Thor: The Dark World took another impressive $94 million over this weekend, which is a drop of 14% from last weekend’s numbers. That’s quite the achievement. As for said international markets, Russia chipped in with $24.1 million, the UK handed over $22.6 million, and China gave up $19.6 million. What makes the Chinese figures so noteworthy is that those figures are better than the opening that The Avengers opened to in China, and also more than the original Thor took during its entire run in the country. In total, that brings Thor: The Dark World‘s global returns in at $327 million after a mere 10 days on release.

Again, it looks like we’ve got yet another Marvel box office monster on our hands.

Have you seen the movie yet? Was it worth the hype?


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