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We all knew he was coming. We all knew we would have to see his murderous face again. We all knew he would return to the prison. The question always was: when would he return? Well, that question was finally answered this past Sunday night during The Walking Dead's most recent episode, "Internment." The Governor only appeared on-camera for a few seconds, but those few seconds alone had many 'TWD' fans forming a multitude of queries. The obvious one going forward becomes: what will he do next?

One thing is for certain, the last thing the prison group needs is The Governor mounting an attack, especially if he has allies. Everyone at the prison has plenty to deal with already. We saw during "Internment" that the disease claimed anywhere between four to six more lives, and it would have suffocated Glenn had Hershel and Maggie not gotten the tube with the air pump to help him breathe:

Also, we saw that the prison fence has now been compromised thanks to the herd of walkers that managed to topple it. It took Carl, Rick, and a couple of assault rifles each to gun them down:

So with the survivors inside the prison struggling to combat the disease, and the prison's primary defense weakened, perhaps now would be the ideal time for The Governor to do his very worst.

Because we only caught a glimpse of him, it is not clear yet if The Governor is alone, or with his cohorts. The last time we saw him on The Walking Dead, he gunned down his own constituents and rode off with Martinez and Shumpert. It is possible that the latter two have managed to stay alive. Could it also be a possibility that The Governor may have recruited a few more people? It that is the case, then the prison group will have to fend off a full-scale attack at some point, assuming that The Governor has the manpower and fire power to do so.

Moreover, one question I would pose is: how long has The Governor been that close to the prison? Another real possibility is that he may not have traveled too far after the prison group successfully defended his offensive during last season's finale, "Welcome to the Tombs." Rather, he probably set up camp somewhere close to the prison so that he could perform daily espionage without too much trouble. I have previously opined that he might have an ally on the inside as well. This person may be the one who has been feeding the walkers and conditioning them to stay near the fence. I'm not too sure at this point who that person might be, although I still suspect Bob Stookey. Judging by how quick he was to take liquor but leave medicine behind during "Indifference," Stookey seems like someone who would be willing to save himself, and only himself, in a time of crisis. If he indeed does not care at all about anyone at the prison, then he would be the ideal partner for The Governor, in my opinion. Of course, I could be wrong about Stookey, overall.

Lastly, when will The Governor attack? If he has been near the prison throughout this season, why has he not unleashed an attack yet? Maybe, he was waiting for the crisis at the prison to worsen to the point where the group living in it would become practically defenseless, due to both mental and physical instability, and a short supply of weapons. Maybe, he has been planning a strategic attack in which he slaughters everyone, but abducts Michonne alive; this hypothesis obviously assumes he still wants to punish her for killing his daughter's reanimated corpse back in season three. Or maybe, he is attempting to recruit more people to help him fulfill his evil intentions. Whatever the case, a battle at the prison is not too far off now.

Most likely, the makers of this show will give The Governor the majority of the screen time in the upcoming episode, 'Live Bait.' This should be done so that we can learn in specific detail about what The Governor has been up to since the finale of season three. Hopefully, they do not dedicate the entire episode on just him.

Finally, it is time for you 'TWD' fans to sound off about this. When do you all think The Governor will unleash his fury on the prison survivors? Do you think he is alone, or is he with other people? Also, has he been spying on Rick and co. all this time? Write away in the "Comments" section below.


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