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We are all preparing for the future JLA movie, sharing our opinions about what should and shouldn't be done, and asking our questions. My first question, what line-up are they using for JLA? I'm leaning towards the 1960s Brave And The Bold line-up.

The reason why I think this is because after seeing Man of Steel the day it came out, a lot of people were complaining that they didn't hint Justice League in the film. They obviously didn't know what to look for...First, the company names Wayne Enterprise and LexCorp were on multiple weaponry the Military was using. Second, They mentioned S.T.A.R labs, hinting Cyborg. And that was a blink-now-you-miss-it moment in the film. I would love to see a Teen Titans movie, I can see that happening if they branched off Arrow. But one particular hint I was looking for was for Aquaman. I noticed the company name ''Merrevale Oil'' on the collapsing oil rig, the CEO of that company had many encounters with Aquaman due to environmental destruction it caused earth. And also, when Clark fell into the ocean there were two humpback whales. I assume Aquaman sent the whales to check on Clark. And last but not least...*Drum roll* Carrie Farris! The female captain in the film. Oddly similar to Carol Farris from Green Lantern, huh? Not to mention, Carol Farris is very much in the Air Force playing her role as a pilot. I was also searching for Martian Manhunter in the film, but found nothing. Which is odd considering the setting was mostly in space. They could have hinted SOMETHING. As for Wonder Woman, I also came out empty handed. Perhaps in Batman vs Superman, they will start REALLY introducing the hero's.

I don't think a Wonder Woman movie is entirely needed! If they do have one, they will fail either way. There is too big of a generation gap to please everyone. You have your Mom's generation that grew up with the good'ol Lynda Carter and the live-action shows that made superheros more real than underoos. Then you have my generation where you have people that read the comics, and are up to date. It's too risky to make this movie, I would just let Wonder Woman make cameo's in possibly Batman vs Superman and slowly get her into the limelight. Play it safe, pick the right actress (JAIME ALEXANDER, PRETTY PLEASE!)

Another superhero I would like to address...Aquaman! I know, I know, I have heard this all my life ''Aquaman is useless! and stupid!''. Well, guess what? He is a badass who throws polar bears at bad guys! I love Aquaman, always have! I would love to see Liam Hemsworth play Aquaman in a live-action solo movie. How funny would it be if Chris Hemsworth's brother was the king of the seven seas while he was the god of thunder! Warner Bro's is more likely to succeed with an Aquaman movie rather than a Wonder woman movie, that's a given.

NUNUNUNUN Batman! I'm not too upset about Ben Affleck playing Batman, give him a chance. Heath Ledger was not everyone's favorite either. Batman was never my favorite hero, and I never considered him a ''Super''hero. Daredevil is more super than him! He has the smarts and has the limit of human strength. He will forever be the Gadget-man with his trusty sidekick, Robin, and his on and off lover, Catwoman. On my last note, Warner Bros...Please make a Martian Manhunter movie...Please. - Violet


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