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"Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules."
Dave Conley

In honor of the release of Man of Steel tomorrow I decided to make a list of songs and post the videos here for you to enjoy. Here in no particular order are my favorite songs inspired by Superman. I'll start with the ones about him being dead first because as we all know he's alive and flying.

Superman's Dead: Our Lady Peace


Crash test Dummies: Superman's Song


Lazlo Bane: I'm no Superman (Scrubs Theme)


Had to include this just because it made me laugh

DJames: Look at my Superman Shirt


Good Charlotte: Superman can't walk


Yes, I have a sick sense of humor


The Kinks- Wish I could fly Like Superman

Donovan: Sunshine Superman

Because Superman and Green Lantern ain't got nothin' on me

Goldfinger: Superman (live)


REM: I am Superman


I know but the question is if I go crazy...

Doors down: Kryptonite


I had to put this one in as an Honorable mention for a Hero that just gets no respect.

Aquaman's lament by The Motion Sick


I know there are many more some I purposely left off the list, but what's your favorite Superman song?


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