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Morten Løke


ESTRELLA is a spindly eight-legged DIVA SPIDER famous for her chameleon-like illusions. She believes that image and façade are everything. Estrella is a ‘plus-sized’ spider due to a permanent allergic reaction to marshmallows from childhood. In her glory days, she was surrounded by a large entourage and put on extravagant galas that ‘wowed’ the audience and impressed her show biz contacts.

More recently, she has been desperately trying to hold on to her career with every last one of her eight legs. Her manipulative skills remain intact: she still knows how to reap the benefits of her wealthy friends and can charm men to enter her web with the ‘gut instincts’ of a pro. Estrella’s public persona hides her shallow core.

More than anything, she wants to be very rich and to keep on partying! Behind the bravado, Estrella feels no pride in her work, steals ideas from her colleagues, and ruins their lives. Estrella’s talent has been eclipsed by her shallow lifestyle; her webs have become so flimsy that even the mosquitoes say she needs to hire a spin doctor.

The character is from the movie "Magic of Love" that is under production. Kathleen Turner is confirmed for this part.


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