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Sleepy Hollow s1x7 The Midnight Ride was just what an already fantastic show needed

Each week I find myself more and more in love with Sleepy Hollow.

The writers are superb at superb at warping American history in a comedic and semi-morbid way. What always pleases me so and something you know the writers thoroughly enjoy coming up with, is what 21st century thing will Ichabod deal with this week? How outraged will he be by it? This weeks was: Internet, Call Girl video chat pop up, bottled water and all that in his world is wrong about Thomas Jefferson!

The 'morbid' part of the episode consisted of the fact that Death killed off Ichabod's newest friends, the Freemasons. Their heads were severed and hung up like jack-o-lanterns in a very The Following like manner. I appreciated that. Here's a lovely recap from Kaitlin Thomas from

– Decapitations this week: five- one in the Paul Revere flashback, and four Freemasons. The lab guy was shot, and two of Revere's men were slashed, but not beheaded.

– Things that confused/enraged Ichabod this week: computers, voicemail, the butchering of Paul Revere's story, having to pay for water, buying in bulk, finding out Thomas Jefferson stole his newspaper quote and also fathered children with Sally Hemings.

The rest of the article is here:

It's already been confirmed that in episodes to come we will meet Captain Irving's ex-wife Cynthia (portrayed by Jill Marie Jones) and teenage daughter Macey (portrayed by Amnadla Stenberg), in this week Irving finally believes! He had his first run in with Death while at the lab guy that was going over Death's skull. He had his momentary freak out with Abbie and Ichabod then finally went on full power mode helping Ichabod and Abbie catch Death.

After Abbie & Ichabod got ahold of Death's skull they tried to deal with actually getting rid of Death's skull. It didn't go well but it did give us a hilarious several minute scene of Ichabod and Abbie trying to dispose of it.

I really loved this episode and simply can't wait to see how Ichabod and Abbie expose of Death now that they have him tied up being attacked by the UV lights.

One of my favorite Tumblr GIF sets for the episode:

Some questions:

Will Jenny really be living with Abbie?

Will we ever get Katrina for more than just a dream sequence?

Is Evil John Cho going to stay forced to work with Death the entire season? Or is he going to really stay dead soon?



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