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Josealex Garcia

I don't know about ya'll, but I am ecstatic about the upcoming sequel to the ultimate action saga of the past decade. The Fast and Furious franchise raised the bar to unprecedented heights over the past few installments, but believe it or not there are still plenty of reasons to be excited for this film. Here's a few:

1: New director.

People tend to categorize directors in terms of genre, but cinematic history has proven that when it comes to directing, it's a pass or fail game. Either you got it or you don't. James Wan has proven that he does. Most of his works have been fan favorites, he know's what people want to see and he translates it to the big screen. Also important to point out, he's been a huge fan of the franchise for years.

2: Talent.

Before you start bashing the acting chops of Vin Diesel, let me explain. First of all, Vin Diesel fits the character of Dominic Toretto better than anyone could. Secondly, a lot of talent has been added to the cast for the upcoming sequel. Among these are: Kurt Russel, Djimon Honsou, Tony Jaa, Nathalie Emanuel, along with big action bad ass Jason Statham and UFC champ Ronda Rousey. In other words, sh*t just got real. They just raised the bar on talent witch is something this series definitely could benefit from.

3. Plot.

From street races in California night life to aiding in bringing down an international criminal, the plot pace in these movies is picking up some fast and furious momentum (ridiculous pun intended). Here's the latest from Vin Diesel's Facebook. It looks quite fancy for a movie of this franchise, can't wait to see the new creative direction that James Wan's genious brings along.


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