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When I first heard Batman would first appear in the Man of Steel sequel film rather then get his own film, I was shocked and somewhat disgusted at seeing my favorite non-super superhero being put into a side role to the big blue boy scout (love Superman....but come on, its Batman.) After taking it in and letting it settle and hearing that the Batman in the film would be older, more mature and some what tired and act kinda like a somewhat mentor to Supe's, my mind began to race with ideas of where this Batman might end up or better yet, what already has happen to him. So here are my thoughts to not a sequel but prequels.

  • 1. Training! God, there has to be brutal and insane training involved. Most films in order to get to the main story will just touch on these events that where crucial in Bruce's transformation into Batman. I have a crazy idea...why not make a movie about, drum roll...Bruce Wayne. I know the idea of a Batman-less Batman film is kinda crazy but hear me out. I loved the whole league of shadows idea that Chris Nolan did, but as any comic book nerd will tell you there was always something missing...I would want to see the brutality in the training, and the constant disciplining of his body to turn him into a machine or to the criminal element, an unstoppable beast out for blood. This film would include not only training of body but also mind, learning detective skills from some of the worlds most feared head hunters. I think the film would explain to us just why and how Batman could hold a candle to the likes of Superman.
  • 2. His most gruelling trial as Batman, now I got this idea from The New 52 Batman Comic, Scott Snyder nailed it perfectly with his Joker. Lets introduce that guy, lets bring in the truly insane Joker who wants nothing more then to be the opposite of Batman who loves him so much that he cant stop dreaming about getting to Batsy. Scott Snyder really brought a lot to the table making me (on occasion) put down the book and truly re-examine the clown prince of crime in a different light. Also for once in my 17 years of reading/watching Batman, did I fear the Joker.
  • 3. Hugo Strange, I wouldn't mind seeing the damages this villain would cause our Batman. Truly a Genius of manipulation and all kinds of mind F*&%%^&. Hugo would really put an emotional hurting on Batman.
  • 4. One of my favorites story lines (maybe for a sequel to Superman/Batman film) Knightfall!!! Reintroduce Bane this time lets make him resemble Bane of the Comics, Brains as well as physically scary. In Knightfall Bane releases all the criminals in Arkham and lets them run rampant all the while watches Batman as he tirelessly rounds up all the crime (in the comics, Batman is also nursing a cold/flu like sickness). he studies him and deduces who he really is, Bruce Wayne! We see Bane break Batman and Bruce loses his Mojo and is whipped back into shape by the assassin Shiva, all the while The Mantle of Batman has been given to another, who himself has gone mad and is wreaking havoc across Gotham, after kicking the crap out of Bane. I know this is a long story but who's to say this wont be a good idea for a post Justice League Film.
  • 5. Gotham City, the Sodom and Gomorrah of the DC universe. I wouldn't mind seeing more of this dark and deadly city. The City make the man, and lets face it, Batman is a dark and brooding character. Lets see what his city has thrown at him before the team up, maybe touch on some really dark crimes. Serial killing, kidnappings etc. I'm thinking mix between the killers and crimes in Dexter and the BBC network show Sherlock.

Those are some ideas I have for an awesome Batman film, either way they go in sure I will be there opening night to get my Dark Knight fix.

What do you think about some of my ideas, maybe you have some of your own, please share them below, who knows maybe Warner Brothers is listening.


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