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While doing an interview with BBC for the upcoming Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire (Release Date: November 22), Jennifer Lawrence spoke at length about the importance of women on screen representing an image that is not unattainable while also stating “to each their own” when asked about Miley Cyrus’s VMA’s performance where she twerked with a dwarf in a teddy bear suit.

In the interview she states that there was a “big discussion” when they were doing the first Hunger Games on just how “hungry” she should look. In the end Lawrence won out. She argued with the studio that Katniss appearing strong and healthy rather than skinny and hungry was a better plan for the character, and that ultimately became the decision of the studio, one that they're surely happy they made now that the Hunger Games has proven to be an international blockbuster.

Lawrence argues that actors and filmmakers making movies marketed towards children have a responsibility to present heroines on screen that do not promote a negative body image. She states that they have “control over this image,” and that they should use that control to “rid ourselves” of the unattainable female body image that is perpetuated throughout the industry.

What do you guys think, is Lawrence right? Should filmmakers keep the vulnerability of their audiences in mind, or should they set out to make the film they envisioned, regardless of the social cost?


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