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Brad Barnes

Aquaman was created in 1959, his wife Mera was introduced in 1963.

With a costume designed by the great Nick Cardy and a marriage attended by the Justice League with great ceremony, Mera appeared by Aquaman's side until their child Aquababy was killed in the 1970s, which led to a long estrangement.

As an ex-wife, Mera even showed up to see Aquaman and Dolphin getting their underwater freak on, so the love affair of our favorite Atlantians was definitely on the rocks.

But the events of DARKEST NIGHT and BRIGHTEST DAY led to a resurrected Aquaman in 2010!

Mera revealed that she was sent from dimension Xebel to kill Aquaman but that she fell in love with him, instead. (Don't you hate it when that happens?)

Now she had a younger sister, Siren, eager to finish the job that Mera no longer had the heart to do!

Oh, the watery drama!

We are told that Atlantis had expelled the Xebellen people to a Penal Colony, that Mera was to murder the King of the Seas, and that Mera's failure to complete her mission has made her a traitor to her people!

Geoff Johns has done much to give Mera a compelling background!

Johns has included Mera in the New 52 JLA during the Throne of Atlantis crossover, integrating her into the DCU with greater care than she has ever been before, but something wonderful has been lost in the translation.

Mera used to be Aquaman's sweetheart, now she's the axe murderer who lost her swing under the boondocks!

In the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, we need Aquaman and Mera back the way that they used to be, in love without that pesky murder contract always in the back of their minds, because that kind of distraction can really kill a romance! The King and Queen of the Seven Seas need a wet kiss and a warm squeeze, please!


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