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So, another article about the remake trend and a few films that should be considered. It seems to me that some of the better remakes are of films that may have a cult following, but aren't the least bit recognizable to the modern movie-going public. My first article on this site was about 3 films I felt could use remakes (Pumpkinhead, Curtains, and Hell Night). But these certainly aren't the only old films that are ripe to be re-imagined. These next three are all slashers films, as that's my favorite horror sub-genre and we hardly get any really good slasher films released theatrically anymore.

1. The Burning

This slasher film from 1981 was the first film of The Weinstein Brothers, the men behind Miramax and Dimension Films. It tells the story of a sadistic summer camp caretaker who, after being horribly burned in a prank gone wrong, returns to the camp, wielding a pair of shears and seeks bloody vengeance. The original performed poorly at the box office, likely due to its similarity to Friday the 13th and many other slasher films being released at the time. The Weinsteins have already remade Halloween and are currently developing a Hellraiser remake, so why not tackle a new version of The Burning? It wouldn't need a huge budget, just a well written, suspenseful script and a good director, and of course, the basic ingredients of any good slasher film: attractive young people and copious amounts of bloodshed.

2. Madman

One could say this one would be unnecessary, as Adam Green's film Hatchet feels a lot like a modern version of this 1982 slasher. Another camp setting, but this time, the antagonist is a man who's returned from the grave. Madman Marz murdered his family with an axe and was executed, but legend has it that if you say his name above a whisper, he'll come back for you. Cue the idiot character who screams the madman's name and watch the havoc ensue. Again, a film that could be done cheaply and in order to separate it from the aforementioned Hatchet which has a somewhat campy tone, play this one dead serious, with better characters, rising tension and suspense and gruesome carnage.

3. Happy Birthday To Me

Ah, Happy Birthday To Me. This is one is actually a favorite for many slasher fans and I can understand why. It's a fun little slasher with some nice kills in it and I enjoy it for what it is. But it could be a lot better. Mainly, the reveal at the end of the film is nothing short of hokey. It's a simple slasher set-up: As our heroine's birthday approaches, someone starts knocking off the members of her elite group of friends in a variety of creative ways. Keep the creative death angle, as a lot of modern slashers tend to rely on simple stabbings and slashed throats, come up with a new twist and personally, I'd love to see a creepy and unique costume be added to the story. The original film simply has the killer off-screen, but I prefer masked killers and I'd love to see them make a comeback. So, horror fans, would you be down for any of these films to be remade? Do you have any old horror films that you may enjoy, but feel could benefit from a modern version?


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