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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

MOVIE TIME, is a new thing i'm doing on my page for the superhero community where I give you superhero fans comic book movies! Now they aren't live-action movies but some of your favorite comic book stories voiced over by talented voice actors.

I promised on my last article about the Joker that I was doing a Halloween theme just to keep the spirit alive till Thanksgiving. I for one really enjoyed the story Death Of The Family, it's very theatrical to read and keeps you guessing! Many people are not fans of this Joker which is fine, so to be's best you leave this article now because he will be in this video.

The video will be focused on the conclusion, The Death Of The Family. I really enjoy the voice actor of 52 Joker and if you don't know what he sounds like it's best to click this link to my previous article before you watch this short film.

I hope you enjoy the film and please show some love to Youtuber: MrBettyKrueger

Ladies and gentlemen I give you....DEATH OF THE FAMILY (THE FULL CONCLUSION)



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