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I think of fan casts 85% of my day...So I thought, why not share 'em? This fan cast is, obviously, The Justice League! I'm sticking with the 1960s line-up because I think that's what they will be doing in the soon-to-come JLA film. We already know who is playing Batman and Superman, so lets get right into the other members.

Liam Hemsworth as Aquaman

First we have one of my personal favorites, Aquaman! I just think it would be hilarious if Liam Hemsworth was the King of the Seven Seas, when his brother is the God of Thunder, yes, Aquaman would be fried like a fish against Thor, but it would be awesome! Good thing they wouldn't be in the same universe. Other than that, he's got the build, the hair and the acting down. Make it happen, Warner Bros!

Chris Pine as The Flash

This one was difficult. For the Flash, you need someone who is cocky, doesn't listen and is laid back. Knowing how well Chris Pine did portraying the young Captain James T. Kurt in Star Trek, I think he could pull it off. I couldn't think of a better choice.

Peter Mensah as Martian Manhunter

This is just a match made in comic heaven. There are no words to describe how perfect this is. He's already ripped, bald, and they just have to paint him green. If I don't see him play Martian Manhunter, I will be disappointed.

Idris Elba as Cyborg

I don't feel like he is my first choice, but out of everyone I've seen, I would rather see him play an older Cyborg. Jason George is the best pick for a Teen Titans Cyborg. Now, I know Cyborg isn't apart of the 1960s line up, but I really think he will be incorporated in the future JLA movie because of all the hints of S.T.A.R. labs in Man of Steel and Arrow. Or they will branch off Arrow and make a Teen Titans movie, which would be fantastic!

Jaimie Alexander as Wonder Woman

This was a given...I think Jaimie would have to bulk up a bit and wear blue contacts, but other than that, she's got that exotic face. I thought Olivia Wilde would be a good pick, but her face is just TOO exotic and she has olive skin. Plus, at least Jaimie has experience playing a warrior princess.

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

And last but not least, Green Lantern! I know Ryan Reynolds is already Green Lantern, and the movie blew. But I'm sticking with the 1960's line up. I really wanted the next GL to be the John Stewart version. Reynolds makes a decent GL, but what ruined the Green Lantern solo movie was the amount of CGI and the script was not great at all. But I think we need John Stewart in a future JLA film, Morris Chestnut could definitely pull it off. Who agrees?


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