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Married 12 years, live in Kansas, big movie and music nut, maybe sometimes to the point where that's all I want to talk about.
Earl Roberts

I would love to see this in a movie!

I for one would pay hard earned money to see this clash of ultimate titans. On one hand you have the Ultimate immovable object, the other hand has the Ultimate irresistible force. I mean we have seen these two go at each other in pages of countless stories. But is the MCU ready? Even if it was in the works down the road, or next week I think that this would be one of, if not the biggest box office draw to date. Is it too soon to hope for the fight of all fights? Or should it be something that lures us in, slowly, methodically, then hits us when all hope for it is gone? I say make it happen whether it's in this phase or the next.


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