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Chris Carlson Jr.

Everyone is speculating on Batman vs. Superman (the tentative title of Snyder's sequel to Man of Steel) as to who will win. This fight has been made real in the comics over and over, mostly in else world stories, but we do already know who will, and that answer may surprise some of you: Batman.

I am a huge DC fan, I read comics religiously, but I say he will win, not because he is better, or because I like him more, but simply because they are eventually making a Justice League Movie.

The latest "Badman" from College Humor and Pete Holmes mocks the idea behind this film by proposing the argument pretty much everyone will have with Batman being an equal to Superman.

Why does Superman need Batman if he can throw a building, while Batman has trouble lifting a futon by himself? That then brings us to the question: if Superman stopped an alien invasion of people with his abilities, why does Superman need to surround himself with a Justice League? The only way they can justify a Justice League film is by showing us that one man, through observation, strategy, and a little green rock, can bring down this godlike presence.

Another giveaway to why Batman will win is that we have already seen the Man of Steel unafraid to kill, and even if he wasn't trying to kill Batman, one solid punch could implode most of his organs, so the simple fact that we know Ben Affleck has signed a multi-film contract tells us that he lives, and therefore is more likely to win any altercation.

As a sort of honorable mention, everyone loves to see the underdog win, and if we just see Superman beat the crap out of Batman everyone will be like "oh... so okay, that's it?"

Then again, this is entirely speculation and the title of the film could just be a lure. But if we can take anything from the original announcement of the film alongside the quote read from Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns", we can expect to see a victorious Batman at some point in the film, at least until they inevitably team up and beat Lex Luthor or whoever is in the background pulling strings.


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