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Horror Movie Recommendation: Silent Hill (2006)

Hello, this is horrorfan79 bringing you a horror movie recommendation, Silent Hill. Silent Hill is rated R and is currently streaming on Netflix. This movie is geared towards those horror fans that enjoy movies involving torture and bondage without the sexual connotations. Silent Hill is originally a game fans of the video game franchise will also enjoy this film.

Silent Hill is about a mother, Rose, who is eager to solve the mystery of her daughter’s strange visions. Rose decides to take her daughter, Shannon, to her birth town of Silent Hill. Rose ends up losing her daughter in this cursed town and searches for her in this nightmarish, parallel reality, discovering the hellish secrets that lie within.

Silent Hill is a boast of acting talent including Radha Mitchell, Lorie Holden, Sean Bean, and introduces Jodelle Ferland. The backgrounds and locations of the film are beautiful and capture the film’s mood perfectly. Each reality is distinct of the others and the transitions between realities are wonderfully done with CGI. This film is overflowing with CGI effects but it works. This film is based on a video game and it’s only right to use CGI to portray that. Though emphasis is on the CGI, the practical effects are stunning as well. The body actors do a great job incorporating their costumes and props into their very choreography. To elaborate further on the film’s effects I recommend seeing the extras featured on the DVD version. It goes in depth into the workings to create the films ambiance and is worth seeing.

Most movies that spin off from video games seem haphazard. Silent Hill proves to the contrary. This film combines a great cast, stunning effects, and a captivating storyline that sets it apart from other movies of its kind. IMDb gave it a 6.5. I would rank it a 9.


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