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Liam Allen

Now here is something that is very odd- some people have said that this was predicted in I Am Legend and to be honest I haven't seen that film enough times to notice it, but my reason for writing this is this, [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870) is going to be a new genre of film. What I'm looking forward to is which version of the characters is going to be chosen. I'm pretty sure (and I'm hoping) that most of you have read the comics for both characters and if you have then you'll know about the different realities and that there are different versions of both Batman and Superman.

Now with this in mind (and now in this text) I want to see if Superman is the justice league version or just the plain old Superman that does the normal Clark Kent to Superman routine, same goes for Batman, also I think this film deserves a origin story, like some more background on what life was like as kids. For whoever is reading this please leave a comment or whatever's available and let me know your thoughts on this.


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