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Carl Poole III

These days, ask the average moviegoer who should play Wonder Woman and watch the names start flying. For an audience clamoring to see this premiere justice leaguer in a live-action film, a wide variety of actresses come to mind. I’d like to pose a different kind of question: do audiences truly understand the character they’re wanting to see?

Literally a dozen actors have portray Superman over the years. Batman’s cape and cowl have been worn by at least 7. Princess Diana is the least portrayed of DC’s ‘Holy Trinity’ and the one Hollywood is most afraid of. As the rumors of the coming Superman vs. Batman film keep hinting at some possible Amazon action, It’s time to start thinking about the role more instead of which actress should be tapped to play it.

Let’s look at Princess Diana in terms every moviegoer understands: in comparison to TV and film characters we’re already enjoy watching:

Princess Diana isn’t just some combat-trained cheerleader in a jiggly wonderbra (a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer). She’s an immortal demigoddess and future ruler of a Hellenic nation that has existed nearly 3000 years (think female Leonidas from '300'). The only thing jiggling on this child of Zeus is a well-toned thigh muscle as she drives a booted heel into the chest of the unjust (THIS. IS. THEMYSCIRA!)

Wonder Wonder is not a little lady... (Xena-size, not Gabrielle). Diana of Themyscira hails from a race of larger-than-life phenoms blessed by the gods to be stronger and faster than most men. Though her listed height tends to change, most depictions of the princess place her above, if not well above, average male height (i.e., larger than Xena!). Considering Hollywood’s tendency of producing petite starlets, this could be no small issue casting an Amazon.

Princess Diana is more than beauty and brawn. She’s got brains as well, mostly brains really. (Leonard Hofstadter & Shelton Cooper). Wonder Woman is a skilled diplomat, military strategist & tactician, has studied mathematics, science, philosophy and mastered over a dozen languages. Her level of study and training in several amazonian arts also given Diana the use of limited telepathy and astral projection. She is considered to be one of most highly educated members of the Justice League.

Wonder Woman’s creator, Dr. William Moulton Marston himself believed women to be morally superior to men; that strong women were needed to overcome the social forces that restricted female life and, by extension, the growth of society as whole. His creation has become in her 70 years of existence, the physical embodiment of the grace and power of womanhood. As expectation continue to skyrocket over her inevitable big screen portrayal, we all may want to take a better look at who Wonder Woman really is.


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