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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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I keep hitting my head against the wall, why? Because I'm trying to figure out why didn't I enjoy the film as much as everyone else did?! I only have 3 reasons why most people think it's the greatest Marvel movie, 1. Marvel Fanboys love it, 2. Loki Fangirls, and 3. Over the top action can please many people quite easily.

I went into this movie very open-minded and the only judgement I actually had on the movie was "Is this going to be a great movie how fans and critics explain it?" I will break it down into pros and cons, trust me this won't be a long article.


  • Humor: The movie added humor at the right times and some seemed off but it didn't bother me.
  • Action: The fight scenes were solid and enjoyable with some great effects!
  • Visual Effects: There were some scenes that were just breath taking! Favorite scene is the funeral, quite dramatic yet a warm feeling I had when watching that scene.
  • Character Development: I only say "character" because the only character I saw that had more of a push was Loki. Now don't get it twisted, he was and still is a trickster but I like the fact they gave him more personality and he actually felt like a villain close to the ending. This is the first time I actually liked Loki, in the past movies he was just there and I never thought about him as a character to really care about.


  • Plot holes: I honestly had no idea what the hell was going on for this movie! Usually i'm fine with random action but jeez give me a break! Everyone loved the movie so I was thinking ok this must be a good story, this was just an entire movie for itself, which is fine. My issue is tell people that this movie isn't entirely based after the Avengers. I understand they made references that this was after the Avengers NY City event but the whole Dark Elf and the Loki event. All confusing to me but the movie felt like "hey see this dude shirtless for 5 seconds ok now a random scene!" What i'm trying to say is I wish they tied this event better with the Avengers.
  • Loki fans need to relax: Trust me this is all based around the movie. Before this movie came out so many writers, fans, movie stars, directors kept talking about Loki this and that! Once the movie came out so many people kept saying "Dude! This was such a Loki movie, he stole the show!" Yeah, I have no idea what movie all of you are watching but chill the hell out! First of all, this movie to me was a Thor and Asgardian movie, not a "Loki movie." The man barely had enough screen time and with the screen time he had did not even come close to making it a "Loki movie", it has to be an issue for me because you hype the character up so much and honestly he wasn't a big deal. Loki made me chuckle and he was witty but nothing that made me think "OMG! Loki you are amazing!" Yes I do understand the ending.
  • Greed: I think this movie was gold when they kept it in Asgard, I felt like Marvel got a bit carried away trying to one up their own movie, The Avengers. They did a little too much when they could've kept it on a smooth path. The whole fighting in London and teleporting was just "blah" for me, in my opinion this was the perfect movie to point out when you have so much action it gets tiresome. People love to complain about Man Of Steel but for me at least MOS had a solid storytelling then close to the end we finally get awesome action scenes! In this movie you get action right away then more, then more, more, and some more, wait and MORE! I'm sitting here thinking "Woah Marvel! Easy now, give me a chance to soak in everything!" I love action but too much action actually makes things boring/tiresome. Side note, the only over the top action movies that can be like that are Rambo and Terminator based movies because they don't have a dramatic storyline just acts of random violence! When you have a movie like this, then I expect awesome action (which it had) but not every scene just enough and a good storyline. Trust me sometimes simplicity is the best way to go.

Conclusion: This wasn't a bad, great or terrible movie what so ever, it was a not bad movie. If you want to see this movie then go right ahead but for me personally this is the type of movie I would only watch again if i'm flipping through the channels when bored or it's one of those background movies, you have it playing while you're vacuuming. I know HUGE Marvel fans will love this movie and fangirls too. If you're just a superhero fan like me then you may have the same feelings. The key question is "Did I enjoy the film?" Most defiantly but it was a one time thing for me. People, just go to movies and enjoy them, if you enjoyed a movie then that's great news and if not, oh well. Don't discourage others to not watch a movie, so I encourage readers to watch this movie and see how you like it. Don't let critics or people in general judge for you. This is my opinion and i'm staying true to it, thanks for reading!

Thor: The Dark World - 7/10


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