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The newest Divergent cast posters highlight the body art of the Dauntless faction, a group know for their fearlessness and teamwork. They are intense, bold risk takers and believe that conquering your fears is essential to the Dauntless way of life. The tattoos are a representation of how each member has overcome adversity.

Divergent author Veronica Roth notes "Most Dauntless get tattoos as a reminder of the past, a mark of progress. There's also the relationship to pain (a true Dauntless doesn't mind the pain!), but mostly tattoos are a sign of overcoming obstacles, for them, a way of marking struggle and progress on the body".

Miles Teller's cinema history with Shailene Woodley started with The Magnificent Now, a nice coming of age romance that managed to successfully break the rules.

eller has this to say about playing the brutal Peter "“I’ve always played very likeable characters, so for me, it’s tough to make a guy who stabs somebody in the eye likeable. So that was the challenge with it,” he said. “I grew up with two older sisters who used to pick on me all the time and I feel like that’s kind of the relationship I have with Tris a little bit and that I pick on her – I bully on her.”

Jai Courtney play Eric, the leader of the Dauntless faction. Roth notes that "Eric is a brutal force with a damaged moral compass. His cruel training methods and ruthless leadership make him a quick adversary to Tris, the Abnegation transfer and protagonist of the story."

Eric's tattoos echo the chain link around the city of Chicago, the maze inside with hints of the Dauntless own fiery faction symbol.

Zoe Kravitz plays Christina. Roth notes "Christina transferred to Dauntless from Candor, and was Tris Prior's first and best friend during her initiation into Dauntless. She was first introduced when she helped Tris onto the Train after the Choosing Ceremony. Christina befriends Tris and becomes a vital part in the beginning of Tris' new life in Dauntless."

Maggie Q as Tori emits a bad ass vibe with her Girl With a Dragon Tattoo inspired body art. Tori, a member of the Dauntless faction who administers Tris’ (Shailene Woodley) aptitude test and first discovers that Tris is Divergent. As she continues to provide Tris with advice, the two establish a bond that helps Tris throughout her journey.

Tori in the novel notes this about her tattoo, “In some parts of the ancient world, the hawk symbolized the sun. Back when I got this, I figured if I always had the sun on me, I wouldn’t be afraid of the dark. . . . Now it reminds me of the fear I’ve overcome.”

Mekhi Phifer plays Max another one of the leaders of the Dauntless faction. Phifer in a comic-con interview notes "I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with him in 'Insurgent,' because after talking to my director Neil [Burger], he's telling me, 'We have got some great stuff that Max does as the leader.' I'm looking forward to that. I mean, I do some cool stuff, but not at the magnitude of what Theo [James] and obviously Shailene [Woodley] had to do."

"Without spoiling too much, there's a little bit of a fight scene that we have, guns and things like that. I got to make some cool speeches and do some fun stuff, but like I said I think we're going to hold off on Max a little bit until two," he says, adding of "Divergent's" exciting elements, "The dynamic of the cast, what Neil's vision was, all of the great CGI stuff and the wonderful production values of the sets and just the magnitude of the film. I think that people are going to be really receptive."


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