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Brad Barnes

Super heroes might come across as lone gunmen sniping out of a bell tower, but the great super heroes have an intricate network of relationships that put the wind beneath their wings!

Superman has a cousin in costume, for goodness' sake, with Supergirl. The Man of Steel has an entire planet of imperfect duplicates with BIzarro. Clark Kent has a Daily Planet full of co-workers. Superboy inspired the formation of the Legion of Super Heroes. When it comes to the party, Superman has one in his pants, and we're all invited!

Sure, Wolverine might come across as a tortured loner, but let's get serious: Wolverine is an X-Man, which automatically makes him a part of the Mighty Marvel mutant network. This means that he has hundreds of long underwear friends at the ready, not to mention his part-time job as an Avenger: Wolverine never needs to be lonely!

Daredevil has burned through more girlfriends than does a nicotine fiend smoking a pack full of Kools. Matt Murdock may be blind, but he's seen a lot of action between the sheets, because when it comes to O.P.P., Daredevil is truly the Man Without Fear!

Even though Peter Parker is dead, he had a deep civilian network going on, back in the day.

Spider-Man might have been worried that his loved ones would be targeted if his true identity was ever discovered, but, hey, Thanksgiving at the Parker household meant that no turkey was left behind! (That's right, J. Jonah Jameson, I'm talking to you!)

Batman has arguably more allies than he does villains, how does he fit them all into the Batcave during their monthly meetings? Bruce Wayne needs to be a billionaire to afford getting them all holiday presents! Holy Santa Claus, Batman! Watch out for that Christmas tree!

The JUSTICE LEAGUE movie needs to celebrate the deep relationships that these heroes have formed over the years, because family is the opening door, family is what we're here for. Family might be messy, but family keeps giving us more: do you know what I mean? I think that you do! See you at the JUSTICE LEAGUE satellite!


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