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Chris Fields

With all the drama in the story, you would think that behind the scenes they would try to avoid it. But in recent weeks with the loss of Charlie Hunnam and Jamie Doran stepping into the role of Christian Grey. It is now being reported by Amirose Eisenbach that the film is being pushed back to a Febuary 14th 2015 release date.

I have not read the books, and honestly never will. And will probably not even see this film, it's just not my cup of tea, that being said I find it a very odd move for this film to be pushed to this date. Because as we all know the spirit of valentines day is some raunchy S&M. The only thing I can think is the studio is hoping that all the women that are excited for this movie will drag their men to it, or they are wanting the over flow from whatever other date movies that will as usual sell out on the holiday.

What do you think, is this a good move? Or does the separation of this movie further and further from the popularity of the books mean that they are just going to scrape by in the box office?

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