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Ah, Paris, the city of love. How could a romantic trip to the French capital fail to ignite the spark of romance in even the most jaded couple? Er, according to Le Week-end, quite easily.

Nick (Jim Broadbent) and Meg (Lindsey Duncan) are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary with a return to the city last visited when they were young and passionate. Bickering by the Eurostar, on arrival at their pokey hotel booked by cheapskate Nick, Meg declares it “beige” and walks (the Sloth is with her on this one - if it ain’t boutique, we ain’t staying).

Decamping into the back of a cab, Meg checks them in somewhere far swankier. Half a bottle of Champagne later, the weekend can begin. It soon becomes clear their problems are more than surface deep. Nick has been forced to take early retirement and their son has finally left home, leaving them contemplating life together without the distraction of a child. Unabashedly devoted to Meg, Nick sees this as a positive. Sadly, Meg doesn’t. Frustrated by, oooh, pretty much everything about Nick, Meg isn’t sure if her future should even include him. To add to their discomfort, Nick runs into an old friend from his college days, Morgan (Jeff Goldblum), who appears to have everything Nick doesn’t – success, money, ridiculously over-achieving friends and a hot young wife.

Brilliantly scripted and acted, it doesn’t shy away from the complexities and darker side of marriage. As they wander the streets and cafes their mood fluctuates rapidly between the ease and humor brought from a lifetime together, to resentment and frustration, much of it physical. Smart enough to make each both sympathetic and flawed, at times watching them feels uncomfortably intrusive. If you’re after a quality slice of intelligent, emotional drama, check it out. Just think twice about recommending it to your parents.

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