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Ortiz David

With all the talk of Superman/Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Justice League films it seems as though people are doing their best to forget a little known hero known at GREEN LANTERN. The time seems right to start up discussion on what WB will do with emerald warrior.

June 17 2011, I sat anxiously awaiting the lights to dim in the theater I was in, and begin a journey to the awesome world of OA, and see the Green Lantern Corps made real. Ryan Reynolds (who I still think is the best choice for Hal) had been casted in the lead and looked awesome in the posters. Alas by the end of the movie I left feeling some what cheated out of what should have been a badass epic film spanning the Universe,what I got instead was 2 hours of Hal being scared, quitting, and getting lucky. Despite these short comings I still felt that there was hope for this incarnation of GL. Warner Brothers I hope your listening:

DO NOT IGNORE THIS PICTURE! Yes it was a bad film, yes it was cheesy, and yes you managed to turn Hal Jordan into a whiny girl that gets his constructs (ring based powers) from watching Nick Jr (is that even still around lol) but you should not ignore this film and recast, or reboot. Just continue the story by hiring...

1. This guy! Geoff Johns, the dude has been writing Green Lantern for years, he knows all the players inside and out. He's also been known to dabble in oh gosh look at that Screenplay writing! Hiring Johns would be the first step in regaining the faith of the fans you lost.

2. Keep Ryan Reynolds, believe it or not he wasn't the bad part of this movie cheesy lines, outfit etc all things out of his control, the guy can act and has presence let his do his thing.

3. Better story, in my opinion go for broke, lets do the Sinestro Corps war! Yeah that's basically where the first film left off in the first one. Or you can always do a trilogy leading up to the War of Light!

Anyways with the talk of a Justice league film I think its about time we reintroduce the world to another Green Lantern film, WB get Johns, keep Ryan and for the love of god!! No more race car constructs.


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