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Brad Barnes

BLUE STEEL (1990) directed by Kathryn Bigelow is the action movie that shows how the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie should move!

Jamie Lee Curtis is an off-duty police officer who comes across a convenience store robbery. The patrons are being held at gunpoint, so she fatally shoots the robber. But the gun disappears from the scene by the time that other officers arrive!

Ron Silver is the Commodities Trader who stole the gun. With no weapon to verify her story, Curtis is put on suspension.

All that Curtis has ever wanted to be is a cop. Her dad beats her mother. Elizabeth Pena; her best friend; is a great mom who's happily married. Curtis's ex-husband is a creep who uses his spare key to drop into her apartment unannounced.

Since Curtis is between boyfriends and out of a job, she and Silver start to date. Curtis takes her to a fancy restaurant and she is swept off of her feet. But this Prince Charming of Wall Street starts to tear her life apart piece by piece and he has the resources to make it stick. Her handler from Internal Affairs can't find any evidence to prove that Curtis hasn't become a vigilante who is shooting random people for no apparent reason. The bullets even have her name etched into them!

Curtis is being framed by an expert and she can't stop the madness!

Curtis knows that Silver is behind it, but she can't prove his guilt. Just like that, Silver has become the WORST BOYFRIEND EVER!

It gets even worse for Curtis in the movie, but my point is this: Kathryn Bigelow is our best action director and she's uniquely aware of what women go through when their backs are up against the wall. Bigelow did not win her Oscar for THE HURT LOCKER by accident: she earned it! Bigelow will make sure that the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie is about more than fisticuffs, misunderstandings between allies and getting the bad guy in a big way. Bigelow will make certain that the ladies of the League will earn their spurs the old-fashioned way: by never needing to look up to a man because these girls don't ever lay down on the job!

Bigelow is badass and will make the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie bounce like a superball. That's what I want!


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