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Brad Barnes

THE TERMINATOR (1984) was co-written by Gale Anne Hurd and remains one of the best science fiction movies ever made!

In THE TERMINATOR, we see the rising and advancing of Sarah Conner's (Linda Hamilton) spirit.

Sarah is just a lady of the 80s, with big hair, trying to have fun and going to the clubs. Sarah is nobody special!

But Arnold Swarzenegger wants to kill her!

Just like that, Michael Biehn shows up and says, "Come with me if you want to live!"

Sarah does! Figuring out that Biehn is the good guy and that Swarzenegger has got to die if she is going to survive is the bottom line of THE TERMINATOR!

This is a classic movie because the premise is complicated but the execution is seamless since Sarah Conner is an actual, breathing human being on the screen. We feel all of her cuts and scrapes! We like her, we really like her, and how often can we say that about a character in a science fiction movie?

By bringing heart to THE TERMINATOR, Gale Anne Hurd; "Gunner Gale"; proved herself the best action producer in Hollywood, which is why she has her own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

The JUSTICE LEAGUE movie needs Hurd, because she's smart, she's tough, and, gosh darn it, she gave us Sarah Conner in THE TERMINATOR! I'm sold!


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