ByChloe Russell, writer at

Hi guys I just wanted to share my idea for a Thor 3 or a Loki solo movie. So enjoy!

In the comic Loki has a wife that stopped him from drinking poison from by putting a bowl in front of his mouth. Well, my idea is that they had a daughter but Loki didn't know so in Thor 3 or Loki's own movie he meets her. Loki teaches her in secret that Thor is the real bad guy so she hates Thor. He could tell her that Odin stole him away from his home and lied to him by saying he was his own. He could also tell her that Thor that was being the bad one by stopping Loki to help Asgard by killing all the frost giants (Thor 1). So Loki and his daughter go to earth and do something really evil there while Thor is dealing with other planets. Thor could fine out about what Loki is saying to his daughter because Volstagg over hears him saying to her that Thor apparently betrayed Loki by stopping him stop the frost giants. He could also over hear him say to his daughter that every person on earth is useless to our galaxy and should destroy them. Now Thor knows about what Loki is doing, so Thor could go to earth and bring Jane Foster back to meet Loki's daughter (without Loki knowing). She could talk to her and convince her that earth is a good place and humans are not worthless but she does not believe her so she decides to go to earth to find out for herself. Then there could be some sort of twist but I will leave that for other people to figure out for them selves...

Hope you guys like my idea for Thor 3 or a Loki solo movie and please if you know anyone who works for marvel pass it on. Thanks x


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