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I’ve watched every episodes of The Mentalist. I also read all the theories about red john’s identity. (Even theories like Van Pelt is Red John?? lol). The season 5 finale left us with 7 possible suspects, they are:

  • 1: Bret Stiles
  • 2: Gale Bertram
  • 3: Ray Haffner
  • 4: Reede Smith
  • 5: Robert Kirkland
  • 6: Thomas McAllister
  • 7: Brett Partridge

The creator of the show confirmed that one of them is Red John. Who’s Red John? Lets take a look According to Rosalind Harker, a blind woman and former lover of Red John who appears in the episode “Red John’s Footsteps”. Harker describes Red John “Just under six feet tall, with short, straight hair not muscular but not soft with strong hands”. According to Dr Sophie Miller (Episode “Black-Winged Redbird”) Red John’s “Middle-aged, in good health, He has no living family, but many friends on whom he relies for company and emotional support. He’s well-spoken, good posture, self-possessed. he is an excellent whistler. His self-presentation is pleasant” That’s pretty much all we know about Red John, all the rests are just assumptions.

If you have been watching the mentalist then you know the list is down by 5 suspects.

#5 Bret Stiles

Personally I don’t think Bret Stiles is Red John, he doesn't really fit the role “the bad guy” He’s smart and all but not Red John.

#4 Ray Haffner

Maybe we don’t know much about him. Yes he can be:

#3 Sheriff McAllister (Tattoo)

He has the tattoo, so he's a potential suspect 3rd on my list. But in the last episode it said “I’m not Red John” I think he’s telling the truth.

#2 Gale Bertram (Tattoo)

Maybe, he has connections and he’s a leader. Remember according to Rosalind, Red John is under six feet tall and Gale Bertram is 6’3. Still he’s my 2nd .

#1 Reede Smith (Tattoo)

He’s my guy, Smith appears quite taciturn, sarcastic and aggressive. He also seems to have violent instincts repressed. In episode “Black-winged Red Bird” The way he talked to Gale means lot “Exactly how much does Jane know?... Its your to know” He killed Kirkland, I don’t know I think he might be Red John. He's 6'3" though.

Comment below and let me know who you think is Red John.


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