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Lets all take a breather from Jamie Alexander as a possible Wonder Woman and focus on other options. My next option after Katrina Law would be Lynn Collins for multiple reasons!


You can make almost any actor look like their specific character but sometimes they look cheesy with all that make-up. Then there are other actors like Lynn Collins who have that appearance of a mature, battle-hardened, fierce-beautiful princess of the Amazons (a natural looking Princess Diana). I've watched a few interviews with her and she has that look of Wonder Woman, perfectly! Even actors like Henry Cavill and Chris Hemsworth already had that look of their superheroes, all they had to do was bulk up a bit and one of them had to dye their hair blonde.

Acting Experience:

Lynn has been in numerous films and some of her performances were quite good. From Lynns' record in movies, she seems quite consistent compared to Jamie Alexander, while Jamie last "big named movie" was in 2007 then her big break was Thor (2011.) Collins has range and she seems focused enough to take on future roles.

Martial Artist:

This definitely is a bonus in a movie like this, Lynn is a Karate practitioner and has been doing the Japanese martial arts since a child. Both of her parents did Karate and fought/trained in Japan. (Learn more)

Beauty & Age:

I honestly find her age as a very attractive and powerful statement in the entertainment business also as Wonder Woman. At the age of 36 years-old she still looks great! And 36 really isn't old at all in my opinion so I don't have any idea what the big issue is if Wonder Woman is old? Diana for many years in comics and cartoons has always been depicted as a older female (35-40 years-old) mature looking woman even though she barely ages due to her powers and Amazonian heritage. The only time I really noticed WW looking young was in the NEW 52 (23 years-old). Jamie is 29 years-old but she has such a soft cute face that doesn't look intimidating. While Lynn still looks beautiful there's a slight hint that she can whoop your ass.


She changes her accent very quickly from excitement and she enjoys her job (a sense of passion!)



Height: This seriously isn't a big deal people. It becomes very tiresome reading comments about height for Wonder Woman. Seriously, if they can make a grown man that is well over 6ft into a dwarf and make other actors into little Hobbits then I think they can give a few more inches for a WW, which isn't necessary. She'll be fine at 5ft 8inches (that is tall for a female).


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