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Thor: The Dark World continues a thread taken from the very beginning of Thor 1: Thor’s presumptive ascendance to the throne of Asgard. When the sequel begins, a ready-to-retire Odin pretty much hands Thor the keys to the kingdom. He’s brought peace to the Nine Realms. He’s got a lovesick warrior woman who vibes Future Queen flashing him bedroom eyes. But Thor isn’t ready to settle down in Asgard. This is partially because he’s in love with renegade astrophysicist Jane Foster, and perhaps more generally because Thor is a man of action unprepared for court life. (Remember how well Ned Stark handled political life?) The “final” scene of Dark World sees Thor abdicate the throne. He tells Odin that he’s not really fit to be King. In fact, he admits that he was never the right brother: The apparently-(but-c’mon-)deceased Loki was a better fit. Thor says some more nice words about Loki, and Odin says some nice words about Thor, and it’s a very nice moment between an emotionally distant father and his shaven-grizzly-bear son. Then Thor walks out, and Odin transforms into Loki. This twist was telegraphed earlier, when one of Odin’s guardsman returned from the Dark World and said “I found a body.” Then Odin looked at the guardsman and said “Loki.” The guardsman — a character we had never met before — made a face.

So Loki now sits astride the throne of Asgard. Certain

questions come to mind:

Did he kill Odin? - Unlikely, since it’s an unwritten rule of Hollywood that you never kill Anthony Hopkins offscreen. More likely Odin is imprisoned someplace elaborate, and the next Thor sequel will constitute a search for Odin.

Does this mean Asgard is doomed? - Weirdly, no. Hiddleston’s Loki has always had clear-cut motivation. He wants to rule. Ideally, he wanted to rule Asgard — although in Avengers, he was ready to settle for boring ol’ Earth. Now, he’s achieved his oldest dream, although admittedly only by wearing another man’s body. Asgard will probably be okay, unless Loki develops some Caligula-worthy appetites while he’s ruler. More likely, the Realms around Asgard need to worry: Now that Loki’s ruling one kingdom, presumably he’ll want to add a few more to his collection. Temporary Theory: The Thor III plot finds Loki militarizing Asgard and plotting an attack on Earth.


So what do you think about my predictions? Do you have any of your own? Well, you know the drill. Comment below, let me know!


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