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The ultimate fangirl - spends most nights watching back-to-back old Buffy episosdes and complaining about being tired for work the next day.
Jessica Harmon

Geeks get the spotlight shone on them when, on December 3, Ron Newcomb's Rise of the Fellowship hits DVD.

The film, a cross between Fanboys and Detroit Rock City, and an ode to the Lord of the Rings series, tells of a group of Rings fans - ones that spend a considerably amount of time playing the Lord of the Rings online game- that embark on an amazing and amusing journey. The official Lord of the Rings game even features prominently in the movie. Phase 4 films have the film coming out of a good time too, just a couple of weeks shy of The Hobbit : Desolation of Smaug. Star Wars and KISS have both had love letters to them done, cinematically-speaking, so we Rings fan welcome a kiss on the cheek from Rise of the Fellowship! Here's hoping that it makes us 'online gamers' look good though! (if it were in Kevin Smith's hands, you could imagine how red-faced we'd come away from it!)

Here's the trailer :



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