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Jessica Harmon

A new film from Mentalist writer Rebecca Cutter hits VOD (it's all the trend these days, didn't you know!?) on January 21.

Called Besties, it tells the story of "two high school girls -- Sandy, a high school freshman and self-described loser and Ashley, a sexy senior and Sandy's former babysitter. Sandy, hoping to forge a friendship with the most popular girl in school, arranges to be left at home under Ashley's supervision while her father goes out of town. Little did Sandy know that an unexpected visitor from Ashley's past will leave the awkward freshman and her idol tangled up in a manipulative and deadly friendship."

Cutter wrote and directed the movie, which features fellow TV alum Olivia Crocicchia, who was Katy Gavin on Rescue Me, and Parker Lewis himself Corin Nemec.

Check out the trailer below!



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