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Carl Poole III

The word’s been out for a more than week now. ‘Fast and Furious’ actress Gal Gadot, ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ star Elodie Yung and Bond girl Olga Kurylenko are all being looked at for a female lead in the upcoming ‘Superman vs. Batman’ film. And yes, they could be casting for Wonder Woman. (Wait. I’ll pause a moment to accommodate for anyone’s uncontrolled fangasm……..there)

However, there’s another possibility floating in the Hollywood ether: this could be casting for Bruce Wayne’s love interest. Picking a Wonder Woman will be hard, but that’s nothing compared to casting who’s going to be rolling around on roof tops with the Dark Knight. DO YOU REALIZE JUST HOW MANY WOMEN BATMAN HAS HOOKED UP WITH IN 73 YEARS!?!?! Most superheroes are lucky if they have a lifetime score of 2-3 girlfriends. Brucy boy could populate Gotham just with his ex's. OK, WB’s casting description calls for a woman who’s, “tall, brunette, athletic and exotic.” I’ll highlight a few of Bruce Wayne’s ladies who fit this bill. (FYI: No, Catwoman is not included. Sorry.)

Julia Remarque (aka Julia Pennyworth) - This lady popped up on the Bat-radar just before one of DC comic’s many continuity reboots. She is illegitimate daughter of Alfred Pennyworth and another lesser known DC character Mademoiselle Marie, a WWII French Resistance fighter. Julia dates Bruce a couple of times after coming to America to meet her father, but is always much more interested in what Gotham’s hooded vigilante is doing. (she isn’t too bright).

Natalia Knight (aka Norturna) - Bruce Wayne loves a bad girl he can turn into a housewife. This very 'gothic' lady of Gotham is the perfect example. Nocturna is a love interest from the early 1980s. She starts out a beggar, then an adopted rich girl turn jewel thief to lastly becoming the adoptive mother of the Robin #2, Jason Todd. The thing that makes her and the Dark Knight look like such a well matched couple is her bleached white skin and sensitivity to light. She’s also one of those rare Wayne girls that actually figures out he’s Batman on her own. (Gal Gadot’s got this role easy…)

Talia al Ghul - This one is among the baddest of bad girls! Talia is the daughter of supervillain Ra's al Ghul and mother of Damian Wayne (Bruce’s son in the current continuity and the fifth kid to be a ‘Robin’). Like all of Bruce’s bad girls, she’s never totally on his side. She’s even tried to kill him more than once, but still there was (at one time) a genuine love shared between them. Yes, Christopher Nolan killed her off in his ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy, but who else fits the description of ‘dark haired, athletic and exotic’ better than an assassin-trained Arabic hottie? (Elodie Yung suits this role soooooo much better than Marion Cotillard, IMO.)

Natalya Trusevich - Natalya is a Ukrainian concert pianist who Bruce Wayne reveals his secret identity to keep her in the relationship. Unfortunately, the crazed criminal Mad Hatter becomes fixated with her. He kidnaps, tortures, and later throws Natalya out of a helicopter. She falls to her death onto the roof of Gotham City Police Headquarters and crashes through the Bat-signal. I hate to say it, but Olga Kurylenko would fit this part easily. If she thought being a Bond girl was dangerous, I’m not gonna start on the survival rate of your average Wayne girl...

Jezebel Jet - Yet another bad girl Bruce Wayne tries to wife. She is a supermodel and African princess who completely steals Bruce Wayne’s heart. Too bad she's also a member of the secret organization plotting the total destruction of the Batman and comes closer than any other female adversary/ love interest to making it happen. I think Christopher Nolan even included elements of this character in his film version of Talia al Ghul. Then again, in the current ‘New 52’ continuity, Talia did have Jezebel dismembered as punishment for nearly killing Bruce. She wasn’t worried about him. She just wanted to be sure she could kill him herself!

You see, folks? Let’s not all be so quick to jump on the, “cast Wonder Woman,” bandwagon. There is still a whole lot of DC goodness to be molded into a female lead character without breaking out the big guns.


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