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When it comes to adding a new Oscar category, the Academy is as rigid as the U.S. Congress is in proposing a new amendment to the Constitution. In fact, since 1952, there have been a whopping total of 3 categories added to the annual award show.

Ironically, the man who is now the inspiration for the newest Oscar was born in 1952…Mr. John Stephen Goodman.

Despite not even earning a nomination as "Best Supporting Actor" in his three outstanding performances in 2012 (Flight, Argo and Trouble with the Curve), the Hollywood House of Representatives has not failed to recognize Goodman's contribution to the motion picture industry.

After a heated debate during a special session of the Academy's super secret Nominees Luncheon last week, the newest award category was announced. Officially named the "Best Film Scene Including a Badass in a Supporting Role" the Oscar is colloquially being called "The Goodman." No official statement has been released by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as to the specific John Goodman "film scene" motivating the category's creation, but sources close to Goodman's inner circle suggest that it was the following:

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