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Last week brought news that Lincoln’s Adam Driver was up for the role of Dick Grayson in the upcoming Batman vs Superman. As the week went on, several more names were also put in the frame. Now, speaking to Collider, Driver is playing it coy and claiming that the rumours are purely that: rumours.

When asked if there was any truth to last week’s stories, Driver said, “No. Not that I know of, no. If you find out, let me know, then I’ll know.”

Seemingly showing at least some interest, the actor added, “That’s like intensely flattering, as you can imagine. I mean, it’s Batman and Superman, who doesn’t want to be involved in something, not only of that scale, but of who those characters are. That’s an incredible world to be able to be in for a bit. Like, who wouldn’t want to do that?”

Whilst that is all good to hear, the one slight thing that grates on me, purely from a personal standpoint… I’d have just loved him to say something like, “That’s like intensely flattering, as you can imagine. I mean, it’s Dick Grayson, it’s Robin, it’s Nightwing, it’s this character with such a rich, strong comic book history to dive into.”

I dunno, maybe that’s just the Dick Grayson fanboy in me expecting a little too much.

At present, Batman vs Superman is looking at a 17th July, 2015 release date.


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