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Carl Poole III

So a southern bible thumper, his gun-enthused girlfriend and an Irish vampire walk into a bar. What happens? They get a cable drama! AMC looks to be adapting Veritgo Comic’s title ‘Preacher’ for a TV pilot. Those who haven’t heard of this comic created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion better learn about it fast, then get ready for gratuitous amounts of blasphemy and violence… um, aside from ‘The Walking Dead’ I mean.

Here’s the rundown on ‘Preacher’ in a couple of breaths:

Jesse Custer is a small-town reverend who’s losing his religion when he gets possessed by Genesis, an infantile supernatural entity with literally more power than God. Genesis have no will of it’s own, so Jesse is in command of its power. Now, Rev. Jesse Almighty has a serious bone to pick with God about his job performance (Um, Lord, explain why have you forsaken us - now.) God’s MIA and running scared. Jesse has the juice to make God answer, but not before he runs into serial killers, militant religious fanatics, vampires man whores, a kid named ‘Arseface’ and the Patron Saint of Murderers and Assassination.

Many have tried to adapt this comic for film or TV in the last couple of decades. It's like an apocalyptic unicorn: so profanely awesome, it was impossible to make. HBO even tried back 2008. I’m not surprised to see AMC hard at work conjuring 'Preacher' into yet another series for us to obsessively plan our lives around watching. AMC was already my ‘church’ on Sunday nights. Now that Reverend Jesse is coming, there’s nothing left to do but spread the gospel.


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