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These days Marvel is on top of the comics world. They have the first ever superhero team movie franchise with the X-men and they have the highest grossing movie ever with the Avengers, which has made $1.5 Billion worldwide as of the writing of this article. However, I believe that when all is said and done they will be number two to DC. Why? Because DC is playing Tortoise to Marvel's Hare in my opinion. For those unfamiliar with the story, The Tortoise and the Hare had a race which the Hare was winning due to his quick start. Believing he would win, he stopped and took a nap. Meanwhile, the tortoise went at his own slow and steady pace and eventually overtook the Hare as he slept thereby winning the race.

In the comics world, DC is the Tortoise to Marvel's Hare as stated above, in my opinion. When I started researching this article I was leaning, like most people, toward Marvel. However, I came across a lot of facts that changed my mind. Here are a few of the facts I found while researching this article that may help you to understand my conclusion: DC was founded in 1934, five years prior to Marvel. DC has had eight characters in live action TV shows starting in 1951 with five being popular including CW's Arrow. Marvel has only had four characters in live action shows starting in 1978 and only one of those was popular-The Incredible Hulk. Therefore, DC wins the TV battle. Moving on to Individual and Team Character movies- DC has had three characters in Live Action movies starting in 1943 with two of those characters being popular. Marvel has had five characters in Live Action movies starting in 1990 with all of those characters being popular. As far as Team movies go Marvel has had three in Live Action and DC has none. It would seem that Marvel wins the Movie Battle and they do as far as total movies made goes. However, When you look at the all important bottom line you get a different outcome. You see DC has the highest grossing Individual character movie and second highest grossing movie of all time with The Dark Knight which made $1.04 Billion as of this writing. To put it another way, It took 5 of Marvel's Heroes to beating out 1 of DC's at the box office. Also, if you take the highest grosses of DC's three individual character and Marvel's five individual character movies, averaging them out you wind up with DC making $628,866,666.66 to Marvel's $634,820,000.00 per movie. Therefore, Marvel wins the all important financial battle, albeit by a mere $6 Million dollars per movie. So, to sum up my findings: DC was founded first, has the most individual characters with live action TV shows, the most popular live action TV shows, The highest grossing Individual character movie of all time, and the highest per movie gross of the two companies as of this writing. Those last two items in spite of having fewer & overall less popular movies than Marvel.

Therefore, I believe that when all is said and done DC will prove the victor in the comics war. However, one thing is certain regardless of the outcome of this war & that is this: We, the viewing and reading public are already the overall winners. Do you agree or disagree? Are you a die-hard DC or Marvel fan regardless of how the rest of the world sees them? leave me a comment below explaining your point of view and follow me on twitter @jdseigars if you wish.


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