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Jason Howell

Disclaimer: before anyone tells me that there will never be a crossover movie, this list is for the purpose of fantasy, and only meant to postulate how these characters could work on screen.

Superman and Captain America

Why this would be cool:

I would consider a team-up of these two characters to be one of the most patriotic superhero stories of all time. Both characters have a star-studded history of patriotism, waving the flag and helping to sell war bonds, even being carried by soldiers into battle. Captain America is an American soldier, a man who proudly fought for his country, and Superman is the ultimate American immigrant, a refugee from another land who comes here and achieves the greatest in human potential. Now in the interest of patriotic symbolism, I would only want this to be a team-up as opposed to a versus (not that I’m saying there shouldn't be any conflict between the two), and in the story, I would want patriotism to be a major theme.

Batman and Spider-Man

Why this would be cool:

I've always thought a Batman/Spider-Man crossover would be especially cool to do around Halloween. In addition, I think it would be interesting to see the characters of Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker paired up for a few reasons; depending on how Spider-Man is portrayed (as in he’s serious in some versions and comedic in others), if he were to be the joke-cracking Spider-Man, that would contrast with Batman always being so serious. Also, Bruce Wayne is very rich and Peter Parker . . . not so much. But both characters have scientific minds and are both motivated by the death of a parental figure(s).

Wonder Woman and Thor

Why this would be cool:

I think it would be cool to have a crossover with two of the “godly” characters. Thor is the Norse god of thunder and Wonder Woman is a super-strong Amazon from an island that worships Hera. Now the reasons I am picking Wonder Woman as opposed to another god-powered character like Captain Marvel are because I really love Wonder Woman, and being one of the strongest female characters in comics, she would provide a healthy counterbalance to Thor. While I would like this kind of story to be a team-up, in the event of a versus, I think Wonder Woman could easily hold her own against Thor; I think she could even hold the hammer (which she actually did in a Marvel/DC graphic novel).

Superman and the Hulk

Why this would be cool:

I don’t think an explanation is necessary, but if you need one . . . two of the strongest superheroes of all. One represents law and peace; the other represents rage and destruction. Pit these power-houses against each other and you would have to have one of the most action packed flicks in history.

Batman and Iron Man

Why this would be cool:

These two characters are alike because both of them are, to borrow the line from the Avengers movie, “genius billionaire playboy philanthropist(s)” who become superheroes out of their own design. My idea is that they would get together when the two meet as part of a contract or business deal between their respective companies and a sequence of events leads to Tony Stark finding out Bruce Wayne’s secret identity. I think this kind of story should be a team-up, but I believe Tony Stark is enough of a smart-alack to get under Bruce Wayne’s skin.


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