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Jared Owens

The Last Airbender needs to get a reboot and it needs to be done right, I am as big of an Avatar fan as it gets ( I shaved my head just for the last episode ) and I was very very mad at the direction they took for the movie; changing their names and just a terrible script. The show was fun the movie took the fun out of Avatar and made it a 2 hour movie about a boy who is to serious about everything in the show Aang was fun and immature but when the time came to be responsible he was. Now Avatar is a fun show but there are some very and I mean very creepy things about the show, as a fan I wish that it could go further but because it is on nick they can't. The world of Avatar is a very violent place. If you really get into it you could go deeper than they allow on the show, from Zuko's face being burned to the brain washing in Ba Sing Se (that episode gave me the creeps). Even Uncle Iroh could have a darker feel if they looked into his past, there would be some messed up stuff. And how can I forget Azula, OH MY GOD she is already power hungry in the show and in the last episode of The Last Airbender she just went crazy! Just think how dark they could go with all of that but in the middle of this griddy and darker take on Avatar we could use one of Sokka's one liners.

In the comments below tell me what you would like to see in a Last Airbender reboot.


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