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I recently have seen that James Wan, The master of Horror that directed Saw, The Conjuring, and Insidious 2 is now on board to produce Crawlspace. It will be directed by Phil Claydon whose last film was The Lesbian Vampire Killers. Couldn't find much about it except this -

A family moves into a new house and immediately falls prey to strange occurrences. But what seems like a traditional supernatural thriller gets twisty when the rug is pulled from under both the family and the audience.

Typical crawl space showing concrete rat-proofing. Rat-proofing is a thin, irregular concrete covering applied over the dirt to prevent rodents from burrowing under the foundation wall and entering the crawl space

Being Claustrophobic, the word "crawlspace" immediately makes me cringe. As an electrician I've had to go into a few, so just the title of this movie peaked my interest. I mean after all I can't be the only one who gets nervous about tight spaces. It's scary enough to think there are little critters crawling around inside your attics and basements can you imagine a person or persons crawling around in there? Apparently a lot of people have before.

Novel from 1971(cover reprinted 1981)

According to IMDB there was a movie with that title released at the beginning of this year with Steven Weber as the former owner of a house that terrorizes the new owners.

My own fear of Movies with Crawlspace in the title began with a made for TV movie based on the Herbert Lieberman novel. About a couple that finds a strange kid living in their crawlspace, then they decide to adopt him, and that's when things get strange?

Then in 1986 everyone's favorite weird looking guy Klaus Kinski starred as the psychotic son of a Nazi surgeon that owns an apartment house for young single women you can pretty much guess what happens then.

Then in 2012 there was a Sci-Fi action version where something is crawling around in a top secret Army base in Australia

Crawlspaces are pretty terrifying in real life too, after all John Wayne Gacy buried some of his victims in the crawlspace under his house. Something even creepier turned up on this past week too.

So is this real? Is it a stunt for this movie (The dolls make me wonder) Can you imagine someone crawling around in your house in your walls, under your floors, watching you, eating your food, going through your stuff when you're not there? Let me know. Goodnight and if anyone says "I'll see you in your dreams" make sure they aren't in your house somewhere.


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