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So, we seem to have found ourselves in the middle of the Golden Age of superhero films. And by that, I mean, there's dozens of them. At least 3 or 4 a year, some good and some bad. Our Golden Age started out great with Iron Man and the Dark Knight Trilogy, but has slowly gone downhill with recent X-Men films, Iron Man 3, and the Ghost Rider films. So how do we preserve our Golden Age of superhero films? What plots could possibly create a revive franchises? I have made a list of 10 films I think that we need for comic films to be better than ever.

1.) Kyle Rayner

So, the Green Lantern movie wasn't that great. I personally never ended up seeing it, after the huge waves of criticism tidal waved it. But, I do know, that lots of people won't be happy if they create a sequel for it. With no news on a sequel besides Ryan Reynolds saying that he doesn't want to make another, that leaves this franchise with one of two options. They can reboot and find a place in the Justice League film, or it can make a sequel with a new lead and find a way to fit into the new continuity. With the film not being canon as of now, and with no reference to it's events in Man of Steel, it could be a bit tricky to explain how it fits into the new series. But could it be as simple as it was just never brought up? That Hal was off planet during the Krypton Invasion? Or, what is something worse happened? In the comics, Hal bonds with his arch-nemesis Paralax, which slowly drives him to a genocidal psycho. He attacks his hometown, battles the Justice League, tries to rewrite all of existence, and ultimately dies. After this, a new Green Lantern is found, a geeky kid named Kyle Rayner. Kyle is inexperienced and constantly compared to Hal, who is considered to be one of the greatest heroes ever. Kyle has a lot to live up to and a lot to figure out. He is a great character who could transfer well to film, and could offer as a new jumping point for the second film. We could start with a brief narration on Hal's death ( either something to do with him becoming Paralax, or a less climatic death ) and that the ring needs a new owner. It could fall to Earth and Kyle would find it, try to learn how to use it, be compared to Hal and end up proving himself, and learn it's not easy to have a girlfriend when you're a superhero. We have an entire plot, or multiple plots, without the first films lead. Who else could be in it? Ganthet, the last remaining Green Lantern after Hal's attack, who gives the ring to Kyle. Alexandra DeWitt, Kyle's ex-girlfriend but still love interest. If the movies began crossing over into other franchises, maybe even have Donna Troy or Soranik, two other love interests. They could have Mongul as a villain, the first foe he faces in the comics, or Major Force, the villain who teaches Kyle the lesson of Morality. It could become a great series, if played right.

2.) Under the Red Hood

My previous article already stated how much I think this needs to happen, but since I so strongly believe this opinion, I will state it once more for all of you. It is one of the most emotional and personal Batman stories ever written, and with a Batman reboot on the horizon, it's just the thing that we need to really connect with this all-new Batman. We watched Bale's Batman grow up and transform, which helped us love his character, but we need an emotional-bond to help us root for this new Bruce Wayne. Batman's such a solitary and gruff character, that if we don't love him, we could easily hate him. So we need a story where Bruce loses everything...twice. With a more experienced Batman, and a Nightwing in the universe, that leaves us being set up for the second Robin. The young, angry boy that Bruce found trying to steal the wheels from the Batmobile. Reluctant to take on a new ward, Bruce eventually realized that if he didn't shape Jason, Jason would become just another criminal. And so he became the second Robin. However, after The Joker murdered him, Batman fell into a state of depression. Batman never forgave himself, citing it as his greatest failure. But then Jason as reborn, slightly more insane than before. He wanted to avenge his death, so he took on the Red Hood persona and decided to take control of all crime in Gotham, and then get his revenge on Batman. This could work as a great, multi-film plot. In the first or second film, introduce Jason/Robin and get the viewers to love him. In the next film, introduce The Joker and have Jason killed off. Then in the final film, have the main antagonist be Jason, with a final climatic and emotional battle.

3.) Ragnarok

Ragnarok, the end of time in the Norse Mythology. This could provide the backdrop for the third, and hopefully final Thor film. When I say hopefully, I don't mean I dislike the films, I just want Marvel to end this series to give way to new heroes. I've had my fill of this roster of Avengers, or at least I will by Avengers 2, so I'm ready to start ending some franchises. We seem to have ended the Iron Man series, and could continue that with Thor 3. With the newest cycle of Asgard coming to an end, and the end of time arriving, Thor realizes he does not want to die, for he wants to live on with his friends and loved ones. Convincing the others that they should fight to continue their lives instead of giving in, they travel to the land of the most high-up gods, Those Who Sit Above in Shadow. Thor believes they have caused Ragnarok to bring about new cycles each time, and believes if they are killed they can end this. So queue the epic quest. Then, elsewhere, Surtur, along with his own weapon forged from the same place as Thor's hammer, emerges to conquer Asgard. Now Thor must complete his quest and return in time to save Asgard. This could be the perfect finale to the Thor films, with a very emotional backdrop and a feeling of finality and climax. It would have the most powerful enemies yet to have been in a Marvel Film, and would have the epic quest needed for such a film. With two huge battles happening, we could have enough plot for each character to have time to shine. But what about Jane, you ask? She can stay on Earth and let the gods do the fighting.

4.) Romulus

Ah, Romulus, Wolverine's potentially most deadly foe. We all know Wolverine has a very long and tragic past, filled with more death and grief than almost any other superhero. But why? Because Romulus said so, that's why. Romulus is a warrior who stays in the shadow, preferring to manipulate events from afar rather than directly confront Logan. His plan was to make Logan suffer so horribly that he would shape him into the perfect killer to do his bidding, and it almost worked. With lots of talk now about Wolverine 3, and with lots of people ( including me ) hoping it'll be the finale to Wolverine's story, there could couldn't be a more perfect villain. A villain who's goal has expanded Logan's whole life, who knows more about Logan than Logan does. This film could both prove to have an epic finale, but also finally tell us the rest of Wolverine's past. Tell us about his childhood with his grandfather who didn't like him. Tell us about his first love, Rose, who he accidently murdered. Tell us about his best friend Dog, who went mad and tried to murder Logan later on in his life. Tell us about Logan's time battling the Demon Worm in Pioneer times, or his time as a Miner where he was given the nickname "The Wolverine" in a fight club. All could prove fantastic flashback scenes, during an even more fantastic main plot. Logan's final battle could also once more reunite him with Sabretooth, and introduce Omega Red. We would learn the beginnings of Logan, just in time to say goodbye.

5.) Death of Superman/Reign of the Supermen

Now, I'm far from the first person to bring this up. I've heard this half a dozen times being requested, and I couldn't agree more. One of the most famous and emotional Superman story arcs, this could prove a fantastic finale, or even just a fantastic installment in the Man of Steel series. Doomsday, a creature from Krypton, way before Superman, crashes to Earth. Him and Superman battles, but since Doomsday is Kryptonian, he is able to defeat Superman and kill him. Now Superman must return from the dead, defeat Doomsday, and fix what's gone wrong in his absence. It would give us a great emotional and triumphant story, and would look beautiful on screen. If Zack Snyder directed it, could you just imagine the kind of beautiful destruction that would be unleashed on our screens? We'd see a vulnerable Kent, and development for nearly every character in the series. Then, in some form, it could be followed up by Reign of Superman. In Kent's absence, others tried to fill in the role of Superman. Some became real heroes ( Steel ), while others went mad and became horribly violent villains ( cyborg superman ). This would be interesting alone, but even more so if we saw Supes reaction when he sees what his image had caused in his absence.

6.) Supergirl

God, Supergirl. I'm going to just come right out and say it, I have a huge geeky crush on this character. And there is no female hero right now that I would rather see on the big-screen that the one and only Girl of Steel! Whether it be in her own film, in a Justice League movie, or in a Man of Steel sequel ( preferably that ) I need to see her in film! They have nicely set up her character to appear in the new continuity, so much so that it would be kind of idiotic to not somehow include her further. They released a nice pre-Man of Steel comic telling her origins and about the ship which crashed on Earth, later seen in Man of Steel. She was among that ship, and when it crashed to Earth long ago, she was the only one who escaped and avoided death. In Man of Steel, that same ship was shown ( and rather important to the film ) and they even had a close up on the pod in which she escaped from. She would fit in nicely, to show Clark that he's not alone in the world, and give him someone he can connect to on a personal level without making it all romantic and jazz. They could have a partner relationship, or even more of a sibling relationship. And I want to know what happened to her. How has she fared in the thousands of years she's spent on Earth? Is she even still alive? How has she managed to stay hidden? Why did she not help in the fight against Zod? Has she aged or stayed young? I'll go ahead and say I hope she stayed young, but that's a personal opinion. If they made a Man of Steel film about her, I think I'd have to applaud DC a little.

7.) Spawn Reboot

This movie was crap. No matter how much you love Spawn, how much you love comic/horror/supernatural films, not matter how goth you are ( no offense intended ) this film was awful. It had awful acting, an awful plot, often terrible special effects, and all around stunk. It wasn't scary, it wasn't edgy, and it wasn't gory. The one thing this film did right was make Spawn's costume look amazing, but with him constantly taking his mask off to talk ( which he doesn't even do in the comics ) you couldn't fully enjoy it. So basically, they need a reboot. The film probably ruined the image of Spawn for many, but a new and good reboot could put him right back where he belongs. The film needs to be dark, it needs to be scary, and it needs to be bloody. Spawn is not a kiddie comic, it's not like Marvel or even DC, it's it's own thing. Spawn needs to be able to let loose on his enemies, and his enemies need to be terrifying. It has to have those scary demon elements, mixed with awesome battle scenes and great special effects. With Spawn's roster of characters, it shouldn't be that hard to craft a unique and great movie.

8.) Messiah Complex

One more thing I need to admit, I have a huge crush on Hope Summers ( the older version of course ). She's so awesome on so many levels! But first, let me explain how this movie would go. We would have the Scarlet Witch, to start with. We would introduce her to the audience, then have her go completely nuts. She would use her reality-altering powers to wipe out nearly all of the mutant race. Then, years later, the first baby of the new mutant generation is born. She is thought to be the Mutant Messiah, who would bring about a new age of Mutant Kind and lead them to have peace with the humans. However, others think she will begin a civil war between humans and mutants, and desire to end her. A time traveler named Cable ( the son of Cyclops ) comes from the future to protect her and ensure that she brings about the new Mutant Race, and so the war begins. It would mostly focus on Cable and Hope trying to survive, though it could also shift to other X-Men members in this future. It could focus on the relationship between Cable and Cyclops ( who would need to be brought back ), Rogue dealing with her emotional issues involving her powers and her relationship with Gambit, and could introduce Mr. Sinister as a main villain. Cable and Hope would be hunted by Human Purists, Sentinels, and another Time Traveler named Bishop ( being introduced in Days of Futures Past ) who all want to kill Hope for various reasons. And depending on if Hope is a baby or not, it could focus on her bonding with Cable. Now, where this could lead. Hope was one of my favorite X-Men characters ever, and I believe she could be a great addition to the films. She can copy the power of any mutant she's around, she can at times use the Phoenix Force, posses's telepathy, and is pretty great at fighting. Her and Cable have great time hopping adventures, and then when she settles down with the X-Men she has many more climatic adventures. She even has her own X-Men team in charge of rescuing the new generation of mutants as they appear. I think if they followed her plot for a bit, it could go well for them. Maybe Messiah Complex, then a TV series for her adventures.

9.) Execute Program

Iron Man 3 wasn't great. But Iron Man 4 could be. Iron Man 3 should not at all be the last installment in the series, they need one more, one good final Iron Man film to send Tony on his way. It needs to be darker and more emotional, and all around more serious. And Execute Program could be perfect for that film. Iron Man 3 seemed to try to follow along with the Extremis story arc, in a sense that it didn't really follow that plot at all. But if that's what they were trying to go with, the logical place is to continue the story with the sequel to that story arc, Execute Program. Tony is becoming more and more emotionally unstable, pushing himself away from his friends and becoming a rather large jack***. In the comics this was because of the Extremis and stress, but the movie would probably go another direction. He focuses on building suits because of this, and then one day, his suits begin killing people. They begin strategically taking out enemy political figures, with Tony being framed for the murders. With people already disliking him, Tony has to go into hiding, while he tries to figure out what exactly is going on. It could introduce new characters, through the people he hides out with, and it could be a very personal farewell story for Tony. Losing everything and then coming back, just in time to save the day one last time. We would get a true farewell, not one caught up in the various plotlines of an Avengers film or an ending taken over by Pepper. It could be the finale we deserve. I won't spoil who framed Tony for this, but it connects back to the the very first Iron Man film rather nicely, and the final battle would look amazing on film. It also connects perfectly with SHIELD and could have some other characters in it too. Obviously they'd have to change some stuff, but it could still be cool.

10.) The Invaders

The Invaders can be considered to be the WWll Avengers, of sorts. They included Captain America, Bucky, The Human Torch, Namor, and a few others. The ones I'd like to focus on though are the ones previously stated, though I'm not stating some other characters would be welcome to appear in the film. They brought The Invaders together to help the war in WWll and push it in our favor, and in doing so created what I consider to be one of the coolest superhero teams ever. We already know Captain America and Bucky, but the film would need to introduce us to Namor and Human Torch. Namor is the hotheaded prince of Atlantis who seems to end up on the surface world quite a bit, sometimes wanting to destroy it and sometimes ending up helping it. He would probably hate all humans, but Cap would then prove to him how great America is and they'd become best buddies. Or he'd just be a jerk the whole time and it'd be funny. I think I'd enjoy him being sarcastic, though with a little resolution at the end with him growing respect for humans. The Human Torch on the other hand, is an android which accidentally acquired a flaw in which the molecules around it would burst into flames, though not burning the android itself. It became the world's first ever superhero, and though it's not very famous anymore, the pure fact it was the first superhero makes it interesting. These four would need to team up to defeat some Nazi foe, and would most definitely constantly butt heads in doing so. It could further develop a relationship between Cap and Bucky, as well as set up Namor for an Avengers film or a stand alone film. However, there would be some issues. It would need to take place alongside the events of The First Avenger, which may be a bit tricky to pull off well without making it just feel like filler. It may throw some people off, but if done well, it could prove to be an interesting WWll movie. There would also most likely be copyright issues between Fox and Disney over the Human Torch character rights, but since their Human Torches are two entirely different characters who share a name, it may actually end up with Disney/Marvel winning. This could be a cool return to the olden days Cap and give us one more look at some of his WWll supporting cast, and introduce some more cool characters. I mean, who doesn't love super powered Nazi villains?

What do you guys think? Would you like to see any of these plots of movies carried out? Any ideas of your own? Let me know!


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